Tuesday, April 28, 2015

$20.00 Wal Mart I'm Sorry #Giveaway

Hello all,

If you popped by the blog the other day you noticed that I had advertised a giveaway for a $20.00 Wal*Mart Gift Card.  Unfortunately the advertiser had to pull the giveaway for unforseen circumstances.  I had already started and was asked to change my post (which is ok and totally understandable).  However, I still wanted to offer my readers a $20.00 gift card and an apology for miscommunicating to you all.  You are what keep this little blog alive and if I offer something, I follow through.

Below is the entry form.  There were NO entries yesterday so no ones entries are missing.  I managed to pull it prior to anyone entering.  Continue to share and Good LUCK!


Monday, April 27, 2015

#UltraHug and my Hospice Nomination

It is no secret that our family has been through too many illnesses ending in a stay in hospice and the release of our loved ones spirits into the heavens.  We do it so much that I think I am pretty numb to the whole situation.  Huggies contacted me and asked us to share our #UltraHug selfies and nominate a community that we feel deserves a $2000 grant.  I am choosing Halcyon Hospice here in Denver as they have been our rock through some of the toughest losses we could ever imagine.

I remember the first loss very clearly and it still touches me, but since then I have experienced the loss of a close loved one more times than one could even imagine.   In those times we hug, we love and we lean on our family to get us through.  Hospice is something that no family wants to have but all families appreciate.  They are there to prep the family and most importantly give care to the patient with respect and dignity.  Most of the time we have done a home hospice situation where the nurses visit and check in but meds and main medical care are taken care of by the family.  Halcyon was my Mother-in-laws amazing care team and in the 3 months she was with them they helped her cope with saying goodbye but still allowed her the freedom to live her life.  They were there for her passing and were crying along with us.  They were at her funeral services and were just the best ever. I truly hope that they win this amazing $2000.00 gift as they give so much of themselves.

I was honored to be asked to nominate a community and share this awesome cause with my readers. Although I hope that my cause gets chosen, I also would love for my readers to submit a community of their choice to help bring awareness to other communities out there needing support!  If you want to nominate a community CLICK HERE to learn how!

Huggies has been gracious in offering up these grants so I thought I would share with you a little about our favorite brand of diapers.

These Huggies Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers offer long-lasting leakage protection you can count on, so you can focus on all of your baby’s daily adventures. The range of sizes fit babies from newborn to 35 lbs. Only Huggies Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers have a new, unique quilted liner to lock away wetness better.

They have a conforming, gap-free fit to keep your active baby dry throughout the day The trusted Leak Lock® System has quick-absorbing layers for up to 12 hours of protection.

I just bought these yesterday and am loving the new designs in addition the leak lock system is great for our little toddler.  She is attempting to potty train herself I think and has been removing and then putting back on her diaper and these were great at catching those "leaks" that the peanut has created. I also particularly like the waistband as it seems to have some elastic give which makes pulling her diaper down without taking off a bit easier when she wants to try the potty!

They were easy to locate and a great value at Wal*Mart!  Most stores charge $9.00 for a bag of diapers but I snagged these Huggies for $7.97 and had a $2.00 off coupon from my local coupon inserts!  BOOM!  Got to love those Wal*Mart Rollbacks!

Make sure to check out the all new Huggies Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers and NOMINATE your Community!


Thank you to Huggies for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try Huggies Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers!  I hope that you visit their site and nominate your community too!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

$100 Amazon Giveaway #Pinterest

Ok Folks, this is the final $100 Amazon Gift Card giveaway on here for a little while.  Please make sure to follow all the Pinterest accounts in the entry form below and Good Luck!


Makobi Scribe is bringing you this Amazon Pinterest blast where one lucky reader will win a $100 Amazon gift card. The giveaway is open to everyone and provided by Makobi Scribe. Good Luck! If you are a blogger, you can sign up for this blast here.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dial Baby and Dial Kids Product #Giveaway!

Dial is spoiling my readers lately, and my family too!  Last week we received some great blogger mail containing the new Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash and the Dial Baby Body + Hair Wash!  They are offering my readers some too! 

Dial Kids Body Wash & Hand Soap, Dial kids soap review, Gentle Dial Soaps for Kids.
Inset photo credit: Living the Thrifty Life
 Since there are two products to look at, lets first look at the Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash.

Dial Kids Body Wash & Hand Soap, Dial kids soap review, Gentle Dial Soaps for Kids.

We have just began exploring the potty training sector with our tiny peanut.  Hand washing is her favorite part of the process and was made even more fun with this watermelon scented hand wash. The hand wash is easy to dispense, easy for both my kids to use and helps them work on their hand washing skills.  In addition, the hand wash is gentle on their skin and was developed with a pediatric dermatologist to insure that our kids skin is not being subjected to harsh, drying chemicals.  

My kids hands feel soft and supple and they love how easy it is to dispense.  Even our littlest can push the foaming lever down to release the soap.  The Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash is an excellent choice for our family that I highly recommend.  

Dial Kids Body Wash & Hand Soap, Dial kids soap review, Gentle Dial Soaps for Kids.

Bath time in our house is pretty much the best.  The kids LOVE taking baths and showers and it gives me just a little break to take a breath and allow them to play and make a mess.  I have recently been on the search for another option that is budget friendly but also gentle on our kids skin.  I think we found a winner.  

Dial's Body + Hair Wash is fragrance free, tear free, hypoallergenic and contains no parabens.  My little peanut has some sensitive skin and allergies that we are still working to figure out.  I have noticed a drastic change in the softness of her skin with much less dry spots and redness in our week of using this soap.  It is recommended for ages 0-2 but honestly I have been using it on our 5 year old and myself and it is great.  Just like most Dial products it does not disappoint, it is priced well and offers a high quality product.

Lucky you!  Dial loves to spoil my readers and graciously sent 3 FREE coupons to be redeemed at a future shopping trip for ONE of my readers.  Entering is easy, just use the form below!


Disclosure: The Dial® brand provided me with a sample of Dial® Baby Body + Hair Wash and Dial® Kids Foaming Hand Soap in exchange for a product review.  However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Time for myself

Life gets so busy, so overwhelming and so mundane; that is, if you allow it.  Lately I have allowed that.  I find myself exhausted and sometimes completely unable to focus on things that are necessary...like you know homework, and on occasion this:

Those two perfect humans that I helped to create, have noticed that mommy is SO tired and that I never stop moving.

I made a conscious effort last week (which I have to do periodically), to re-center myself.  Lately I have needed to do this more than normal.  I am not sure if it is due to my current schedule or if it is just end of the school year exhaustion weighing on me.  Probably all of the above.  I made a couple goals to get me through to summer, and I thought I would share them here to help keep myself more accountable.

1. Wake up on my first alarm.  This essentially would make my mornings go much smoother, which would make my days feel less rushed.  I was so good about this last semester and I felt better then too.

2. Continue to PUT DOWN THE PHONE.  I was an addict, I lived for my cell phone and Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and well Social Media.  It is sort of the devil in many ways.  In the last 6 months I have really worked to put the phone down and have genuine conversations and quality time with my kids.  This energizes me and I want to continue to put it down EVEN more!

3. Each Night Take 1 Hour to indulge.  Maybe in a snack or some craptacular TV or social media time that is not blog related.  Just indulge.  I give of myself a lot, to my husband, my kids, my students and my colleagues and I forget that I need to give TO myself.  

4. Eat better.  I am really trying to eat cleaner and to be more aware of what I am putting into my body and how I feel.  I got a wake up call last year when my quarterly diabetic blood work came back elevated for 2 draws in a row.  That hasn't happened since I was first diagnosed, so I am trying.  I am not limiting foods yet, just trying to make better decisions and snack healthier.  I love me a good snack.  I will say my lunches at work for almost a month have been super healthy and we are working on doing that for dinners at home as well.  

5. Stop Procrastinating.  I am the most epic procrastinator of all time.  Oh I have a 9 page paper due in an hour...time to crank it out with some BS in that.  My students need a test graded...I will do those right before class starts.  I procrastinate in a great way though.  I clean and I spend time making memories with my kids.  So I sit and justify my lack of motivation for school and sometimes work (not often though) with my motivation to keep a clean home and a happy family.  Life has its trade offs, but honestly I need to not procrastinate and put that extra pressure on myself.

I think 5 goals for 5 weeks and beyond are a good starting point.  It is out there now, so I would love it if you could help keep me accountable!