Friday, January 30, 2015

Family Friday 1/30/2015

I promised to take more photos this week!  What a great week it truly has been.  We were very busy and although this weekend is no different is is still great quality time for my little family.

Friday we went to the National Western Stock Show and the little princess was in heaven and therefore would not stay still for any photos.  The boy though, he posed and was so happy the entire time.  We only spent a couple hours but truly had a nice time with the animals and each other. 

Saturday was insanely busy, Eyan and I had hair cuts, then a birthday party and then we headed up to the mountains to eat and basically were not home for 12 hours.  The pictures I took were insanely awful, so there are not even worth posting.  But with all that craziness, it lead us to a lazy Sunday morning snuggling on the couch, watching cartoons and eating breakfast.

Like the last 3 Sunday's we hit up the skating rink for some practice and my parents decided to join us.  Eyan did so good and literally it made my entire day to see him skating with my parents.  

I also got some skating in!  ROLLER DERBY THAT IS!  The last couple weeks I have been back at it and feeling like a new human!

The rest of the week has just been work and hanging out at home with a little sisters birthday celebration in the middle of it.  I snapped a few pictures of the kids just being cute and now we gear up for the next week.  I think this year is just going to be busy. 

Thanks for taking a peek into our week.  I would love to see what your week has looked like too!  I decided to start a little Family Friday Link Up.  Feel free to drop your link below!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Preschool DIY "Bookworm" Valentines #Printables!

Valentine's Day is a few short weeks away and as a busy mom I want to make sure that I am prepared!  I also wanted to give Eyan's classmates something cute but that encouraged learning. Enter the adorable Bookworm valentine.  You really can't beat something sweet and useful that encourages reading in kids!

Valentines Day Bookmark, Printable Valentines cards, printable bookmark, preschool valentine ideas, Printable, bookworm

This was one of the easiest DIY valentines that I have made in a long time.  Last year I went a bit crazy and was up crafting for hours the night before his Valentine's party.  This year I needed something easy but I wanted to reinforce all the work that his teacher has been doing in class with reading, so I created this adorable bookmark for the kids to use!  You can print yours here!


Valentines Day Bookmark, Printable Valentines cards, printable bookmark, preschool valentine ideas, Printable, bookworm


  • Fill each treat sack with a small handful of gummi worms and use the bread tie to tie it off. Leave the ends of the bread ties out to attach the bookmark.
  • Print out the bookmark on cardstock and then using a single hole punch, punch a hole in the designated spot. Make a tassle out of the ribbon.  I just cut a few strips and threaded them through the hole and then took another piece of ribbon and tied it around the top to secure the strips. 
  • Attach the bookmark to the treat sack by threading the bread tie through the hole in the bookmark.  Twist and it is attached!
  • As a final touch, I created a little Valentine's Day Card to attach with a cute saying about reading and I taped it to the other side of the treat sack!  The saying says"

Thanks for being a bookworm with me, and inching along through reading!
You can also print yours here!

I am so excited to share these with Eyan's class.  Please feel free to leave a link below to your Valentine's Day snack!



Monday, January 26, 2015

#HeartsAfire Valentines Giveaway Event!

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Valentine's Wooden Door Hanger

Valentine's Day is less than a month away and for the last few days I have been redecorating our house in pinks, reds and rustic themes!  I am not the biggest fan of the commercialized aspect of Valentine's Day but I am a huge fan of love and celebrating love!  Naturally, my door needed a little bit of the new decor.  Check out my easy tutorial and 2nd project using my Silhouette machine and some vinyl below!

Valentines door hangers, wooden heart door hangers, silhouette vinyl on wood, Silhouette wreath, tutu door hanger.

Obviously, I am super frugal and many of the decorations in my house have been little finds at the dollar store or Target bins!  You can find some great things there and adjust them to really work with your personal style!  I managed to make this door hanger for only $5.00!

Valentines door hangers, wooden heart door hangers, silhouette vinyl on wood, Silhouette wreath, tutu door hanger.


  • Wooden heart (target dollar bins $3.00)
  • 1 yard of tulle ($1.00 in the discount bin @ Walmart) cut into 4 inch wide strips
  • Hot glue
  • Silhouette machine with the "Get Your Cupid On" design downloaded from the Silhouette store ($0.99)
  • Silhouette vinyl transfer materials (hook, transfer paper, vinyl, etc.)
  • Modge Podge

Valentines door hangers, wooden heart door hangers, silhouette vinyl on wood, Silhouette wreath, tutu door hanger.


  1. Open your Silhouette Design Studio and download the "Get your cupid on" design.  Resize it to fit your heart and then set the cut settings to vinyl, the blade depth to 2 and insert your chosen vinyl color and cut it out!
  2. Once you have your design cut and cleaned up (using the hook helps clean this design up quickly and easily), use your transfer paper and place it over the design.  Using the flat black tool, secure the transfer paper to the vinyl and lift off.  
  3. Place your design on the wooden heart in the center and again use the flat black tool to seal it onto the wood.
  4. Carefully remove the transfer paper.  This can be tricky, particularly if your wood has slats in it like mine, so be very gentle and go slowly.
  5. Take your tulle pieces and begin to adhere them to the wood in a "wiggly loop" pattern. Basically I placed a line of glue down and stuck the end of the tulle into it.  I then made a loop like I was tying my shoe and added another line of glue and pressed the tail-end of the loop on it.  I just repeated and repeated until the entire outside of the heart was covered.
  6. If you like the loop version then leave it.  Personally I wanted this to look a little more tutu-esque so I went ahead and cut each loop.  When you look at the #6 picture above the left side of the picture is the tulle that is cut and the right side is it left in loops.  It doesn't look like much but I think it makes all the difference to cut each loop. 
  7. Use your Modge Podge and apply it over the vinyl and wood to seal it.  Allow to dry and then hang up!

Valentines door hangers, wooden heart door hangers, silhouette vinyl on wood, Silhouette wreath, tutu door hanger.

I really love the way this turned out and although I have enjoyed my wreath projects, this has been something a little fun and different to try.  It looks great with my style and was pretty easy too. 

Like it?  PIN IT, SHARE IT!


Friday, January 23, 2015

Family Friday 1/23/15

You guys, these last two weeks at work have been insane.  Students are being crazy and I feel like I am drowning just a bit in the chaos.  Hence the lateness in my post today.  I try to get them done in the evenings and scheduled the night before but that has just not been happening.  I have been getting home and trying to give my kids all my love and attention and really making the effort to stay off my phone and computer until bedtime (which has ended with me falling asleep and not blogging).  I apologize, I have a better plan for next week.

Because I have not been attached to my phone I have forgot to take many pictures.  We did another day at the skating rink and already both kids are doing 10x better then they were last week.  I did get a few pictures this time and the husband FINALLY has weekends off to spend time with us.  Enjoy some of our happiness!

Eyan with his skate trainer.  He is getting really fast and much more balanced.  I think this weekend we will try it without the skate trainer!

The princess skated a bit but really wanted to just cruz around the rink in the stroller.  Daddy pushed her and I was so excited to have everyone together sharing in some great family time. 
mommy & baby selfie!

This weekend is sure to be busy for us and I promise to take more pictures next week on family friday!  Should I start a link up?  Would you be willing to participate with something family friendly? No real rules.