Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WW: Festival of Lights Parade

What a wonderful night with family!

Welcome to the Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday

We are approaching the end of December and but I still have 5 great girls that have a lot to share this month and features from our blogs!!!
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Host Karren from The Oh My Heartsie Girl
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For my feature this week I would like to Announce An Oh My Heartsie Girls Valentine Giveaway 2015. Just go direct and Signup..You can find all the Details-Prizes-And Signup-HereOh My Heartsie Girl Valentine Giveaway 400x398

Chris ntgk35Lysa Wilds-400x466
Co-Host Lysa from Welcome To My Circus
Lysa has chosen to share a story about her daughter; This post is about my silly 15 year old daughter and what she wants for Christmas this year... It is really funny as she is just hilarious anyway but she wants a stuffed animal that turns into a one piece suit type of thing called Janimals they are the wearable stuffed animals... Something geared toward younger children but she just really has to have this, as I said the other day, new crazy idea! Lynn's Christmas Wish!! 
What my daughter wanted for Christmas Jaranimals Welcome To My Circus

Chris ntgk35Coco-400x466
Co-Host Coco from Home School A Palooza
Co-Host Coco Lives in Las Vegas and is sharing; The ten best things to do in Vegas, as a local she has picked out her favorites! Hope all is well! 10 Best Things To Do In Vegas screen-shot Las ves, nv-2014-12-11-at-11-50-26-am

Chris ntgk35Stephanie-400x474

Co-Host Stephanie from Managing A Home
This weeks Feature shared by Stephanie is how to create a affordable garland using ornaments found at the Dollar Spot at Target.
Title_Ornament_Garland-From Managing a Home
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Co-Host Laura from We Got The Funk
Our Co-Host Laura would says she works in a great community of bloggers and has a fantastic giveaway for her readers! One lucky winner will win a combo prize pack of a $50.00 Starbucks gift card, $50.00 Target gift card, & $50.00 PayPal deposit! "Holiday Giveaway"Holiday Group Giveaway from We got the funk 1
Chris ntgk35Cathy-Campeo 400x466
Co-Host Cathy from A Peek Into My Paradise
This week from our Co-Host Cathy she has created this Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle to share, it looks wonderful, made with Jello Pudding and Cool-Whip and a few other tasty morsels and this dessert is Gluten Free!!
Peanut Butter Trifle Recipe A ppek into my paradise

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Canes & The Polar Express #ABC25Days

Christmas season is not complete in our house without a night of The Polar Express.  Last night ABC Family had a late showing of it but TONIGHT it will be on 7pm EST!  If you are anything like my family, Christmas movies help get you in the spirit and they are also a wonderful way to share time with your family.  So make sure to "catch" The Polar Express tonight!

Photo Courtesy: http://egyptiantheatre.org/events/movie-polar-express/

If you have never watched The Polar Express, you are totally missing out.  This beautiful story follows the idea that believing is not seeing and is wonderfully animated and acted.  The general premise of the storyline is that several young kids are chosen to ride The Polar Express to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.  Along the way various incidents happen that help one boy in particular understand that he needs to believe and trust.  It is a great story and I truly hope that you and your family share a night together TONIGHT!

Like I said, my family and I ordered in pizza and watched the movie in our living room (big rarity now that the princess throws food everywhere).  The entire movie the kids sat through just enthralled with it.

There is a particular scene in the movie about hot chocolate so I thought it would be great to make a special treat of hot chocolate with marshmallow canes!  This was the perfect treat to watch the movie with!

Aren't those adorable candy canes awesome!  Want the recipe?  These took all of 10 minutes to make and really add a rich flavor to your hot chocolate.


  • Wax paper
  • Melting chocolate (12 oz)
  • Glass bowl
  • Mini peppermint candy canes (50-100)
  • Rolling Pin
  • Marshmallows (1 pkg)
  • Plate

  1. Melt the chocolate in your glass bowl.  MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE BAG and do not overheat.  I made the overheating mistake first and a 2nd degree burn later the chocolate was ruined and I had to start over.
  2. Take your rolling pin and your mini candy canes and crush them.  Pour the crushed pieces onto your plate in a good pile.
  3. Stick the long end of the candy cane into the top of the marshmallow.  Push it down as far as it will go.  Sat these on the wax paper. 
  4. Once your chocolate is melted, dip the bottom end of your marshmallow into the chocolate
  5. Immediately after you dipped the marshmallow, roll it in the crushed candy canes.  I found that if I rolled the sides first and then the bottom that the candy looked better. 
  6. Sat the completed dipped marshmallows on the wax paper to dry.  If you need to speed this drying up (it only take about 10 minutes to dry), you can pop these in the fridge for about 2 minutes and they will harden quickly.
  7. Repeat for all remaining marshmallow dippers. 

I love these so much that for my sons preschool Christmas Party, I made some of these and am going to give each kid a packet of hot chocolate, a marshmallow dipper and a holiday mug (scored for $1.00 each at the dollar tree!)  What a great gift!

I hope your holiday season is going wonderfully!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby Jesus

Oh boy.  This child of mine.  She's a stubborn baby I tell you. 

Particularly when it comes to baby Jesus. 

My parents spent that last two weeks watching my kids while my babysitter enjoyed some relaxation in Hawaii.  In that time, my dad set up Christmas decorations outside, this included the nativity set.  My tiny peanut took a particular interest in the baby Jesus, and my dad being the sucker that he is, allowed her to swing with Jesus.  She was elated, until we had to put him back and go inside.  Then this happened:

(warning: turn the volume down for the first 10 seconds)
My mom and I were dying laughing at her!  
It also led to this Ebay bid...I am currently winning.  Best. Santa. EVER!

The peanut keeps asking about Baby Jesus, so if I manage to pull this off, then it will be pretty awesome.  I mean who doesn't want a Baby Jesus lawn decoration?

Oh and in other odd news:
Apparently they make 4ft tall Ninja Turtle?
Happy Monday Folks!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Gift Card/Code #Giveaway!!!

I work in a great community of bloggers and we are elated to bring our amazing readers a fantastic giveaway!  One lucky winner will win a combo prize pack of a $50.00 Starbucks gift card, $50.00 Target gift card, & $50.00 PayPal deposit!

Good Luck!
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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Some pre-holiday festivities

I am a big fan of holiday traditions but more in the sense of experiences and laughter then in the glitz and glam.  My kids are beyond spoiled but I do try to remind them that this season (and really life) is about the experiences and memories.  So here are a few things I just don't want to forget!

My mom group and I did a felt ornament swap and my kids really enjoy this.  They continuously redecorate the tree and giggle and argue where certain ornaments go.   

We finally got our tree up and I was trying to get a nice picture of both the kids in front of the tree.  This is how that turned out.  I couldn't stop giggling at how distracted they both were. 

Oh and then by far my favorite moment of the season so far has easily got to be my sons preschool Christmas program.  He was literally the only one who knew ALL the words and was singing SO loud.  I just love that he enjoys music and put on one heck of a show. 


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