Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Amazon $100.00 Gift Card Giveaway {Pinterest}

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Our Easter plans are generally the same each year.  We wake up, enjoy a nice home cooked breakfast. Do a small egg hunt and check out our Easter baskets.  Then it is a frantic rush to get everyone ready and drive up north and hour to hang with our family.  The kids up there then do a huge egg hunt around our other family rink and we eat and enjoy each others' company.  It is truly one of my favorite times!

Enjoy the photo dump!

Ok this photo cracks me up!

I went more practical for Easter this year.  Spring infused with band-aids, chalk and bubbles and a toothbrush too!

The baby was torturous to take pictures of today.
First taste of her chocolate bunny, love that its on her face!
Yeah this is the best photo I got today of them both.  Bonus, no naps for the baby either (even with a two hour drive!)
My Dad's side of the family...look at all the babies! 
This picture seriously cracks me up!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Pet Feeding Station

So I made you wait.  I apologize...kinda!  However, it was well worth it.  Jason and I turned the ugliest part of our house into something that we are both so proud of and that is much more healthy for our dogs.  I had a general idea of what I wanted, and Jason had an idea and so together we just went to town.  So here is a basic idea of what we did to create the pet feeding station that perfectly matches our style!

I debated posting this picture, but I figured every construction project is a bit dirty.  So here goes, first we cleared out our old crappy plastic mats and wrought iron dog bowls that we had.  The previous dog bowls had rusted and stained my floors and were a magnet for ants (sidenote, the brown on the walls is from cinnamon to chase those pesky ants away and it totally freaking worked)!  I then mopped the hell out of the floor to pull up some of the rust and cinnamon that stained and then washed the heck out of the walls.

Next Jason and I hung the removable chalkboard decal and began to measure for the pet feeding station.  The plastic bin is for food storage.  Also if anyone knows how to get rust and cinnamon stains out of tile floors and baseboards I would love some pointers here.

We then built a frame.  Through much discussion we decided we wanted a couple cabinets, so this is the frame we came up with. 

I wanted to make sure that this station was easier to clean, so we purchased some cheap sticky tile to place on top of our feeding station and then traced our old bowl holders with a sharpie and used a jigsaw to cut out the holes.

Jason built the cupboards after a bit of frustration.  But this is what they looked like under them.

I added some final touches and this is the final design!  We are totally in love.  The dogs are much happier.  I love storing the dog food under the bowls for easy access and I am truly excited that it is a much cleaner option for all of us!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Removable Chalkboard Wall Decal {Review}

Recently Jason and I undertook the most horrid eye sore in our house (details to come).  The place where we feed our dogs. Basically it was a hot mess of ugly and we really needed to make it match the rest of our house.  I was elated when I was sent these awesome Removable Chalkboard Wall Decals from TheLuckey as I knew exactly where I was going to put it! 

What you thought I was going to show you what the pet feeding station looks like...not yet.  We still have a bit of work to do.  However, these awesome chalkboard wall decals have seriously spruced up our lame space.  I love several things about this.  I love that I can draw all over it.  I love that when Jason and I are out of town and people are watching our pets, we can easily leave the feeding and medication directions on the board.  I love that they are easy to clean, easy to apply and easy to remove without residue.

These boards are also pretty cool for kids.  I put a couple leftover scraps by the kids area in our living room and Eyan drew all over these for HOURS.  He keeps writing his name and it is such great practice and fun for him. 

My favorite however is that I can totally use these sheets of decal and my Cricut to make adorable decals for my house!  One thing to note is that this decal adheres better to semi-gloss paint over flat paint and that the surface MUST be clean.  Otherwise these are great.  The price is great too!  Right now these decals are only $11.95 for a 6ft x 2ft sheet of chalkboard decal that has numerous uses!

Head over to TheLuckey right now to purchase this awesome decal and make sure to like them on Facebook!


TheLuckey provided me with the decal for free for review.  However all opinions are my own and were not influenced by an outside source.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Sweet Boy Turns 4

Happiest Birthday Dear Son,

How on Earth it has been 4 full years since you burst into the world on your own terms, I truly have no clue. It seems like just yesterday you were this tiny flipping ninja baby in my belly and now you are no longer this baby faced little guy, you are a full grown little boy.  Each day you continue to learn and grown and push boundaries, and each day your daddy and I love you more and more and learn from you.

You are both the greatest gift and the greatest learning curve we have ever encountered, and we appreciate and love you so much.  You are a phenomenal big brother.  I just can't even describe how good you are to your little sister.  You have loved her from day one which truly shows your protective nurturing soul.

You are ridiculously smart.  Like ridiculously.  I pray that you stay smart and are not bored in school. I cannot even believe that we are staring at an almost kindergartner or that we are beginning to really examine schools and districts that can meet your needs.

You LOVE people.  You love entertaining and laughing and playing and thrive on friendships.  You are a gift to everyone around you and bring smiles to peoples faces constantly.

You are my most precious and favorite boy in the whole wide world.  I love you to infinity and beyond, forever and a day.

Happy Birthday Love!

<3 mom.="" p=""> (aka)

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