Thursday, September 18, 2014

The perfect graduation party for a Physicians Assistant

For the last 2 years one of my besties in the entire world has been in a very intensive PA (physicians assistant) program.  She finally did it and graduated on Friday and had the most adorable graduation party I have seen!
No clue what is happening to the colors in this picture?  But Shawna and my babies posing with our gift!
My mom and sister and I gave Shawna a cool gift to help her survive those long days on her feet. There was wine, champagne, pedicure and facial stuff, bath balls, and a little jewelry all squished in this antique doctors bag!

But our gift although really cool, was not near as cool as the decor of the party, courtesy of Shawna's mom and aunt!

1. Scrub for sign in book rather than a picture!
2. The food labels killed me: she had happy pills (m&m's), specimen cups (goldfish), Laxatives (mini kitkats), Hearts (jelly hearts), arteries (licorice), aspirin (dinner mints), the regular diet, IV fluids, and of course Iron drops (wine) and flu shots (jello shots)!  It was adorable!
3.  The card box was also too cute and my boy really really wanted to play with those!

What an adorable party with some great ideas.  I am so proud of my friend for all that she has accomplished!  GO SHAWNA!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Y3W: Saturday Morning Musings

Saturday morning cartoons, breakfast (grits yo!) and happy kids. 

I got to take a couple minutes to get myself fancy for my besties party!  I am kinda just in love with everything fashiony in this photo.  

After the party (recap to come) my kiddos and I snuggles up and took some selfies.  Gah, the cuteness...now if only they would smile!

So what are your musings of the week?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nap Schedule?

People, the afternoon preschool struggle is real.  This boy (my sweet little handsome man), is a holy terror after school and is killing us on the nap front.  Here is what our schedule is looking like.  We need some advice on tackling the no more naps that pre-school is taking place of.

5:45am: wake up and head to Jen's. Eyan is NOT a morning person that early and is quite the grump. 6:15ish: Jen feeds the hungry peanut and Eyan snacks too.
7-11: Playtime & lunchtime (at this point the boy is NOT tired, not even a little, in fact he is usually sweet as pie)
11-3:30: Pre-school time
3:30ish: I pick up the now crazy, grumpy, aggressive little boy.

From then on it is a literal battle of whiny complaints because he is ridiculously tired.  Sometimes he takes a quick 15 minute nap on the way home and then wakes the second we pull into the garage and refuses to take a nap.  It is killing us.  To add to this, he is struggling going to bed at 8:00 like we always do and he is fighting to sleep in his bed.  He sneaks into my bed 99% of the time.


We were stopped at a stop sign in the middle of the country when I snapped this photo.
Doesn't he just look exhausted?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Taking Time for Myself #MymikesMoment #MC #Sponsored

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for mike’s hard lemonade. I received a Circle K gift card to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Mom time around these parts is few and far between.  Our schedules make it difficult for either Jason nor I to get much time for ourselves.  Our family is always on the run, always moving.  My weekends are booked from here until probably death.  There are those moments though where I get a second to enjoy myself.  Where I am the focus and it really is my time.  Cooking dinner or driving home from work with the music blaring are those times each day that I get a moment to slow down and breathe.  
#mymikesmoment is enjoying a crisp beverage and cooking dinner for the family while watching the Broncos WIN!
Since I was of age to drink I have always enjoyed mike's hard lemonade.  It is one of my go to drinks because it is crisp, refreshing, light and the taste is smooth.  I will tell you that it is not my most favorite of the flavors that mike's has to offer though.  I am particularly in love with the mike's hard pink lemonade.  It is my mom and I's favorite flavor and is only featured seasonally!  In fact when I told her I got selected to work with mike's she was more excited than I was. 

I really enjoy mike's hard pink lemonade, not only for the taste and quality product, but for their continued support of breast cancer awareness.  I love to "Drink Pink" and know that when I am enjoying time to myself I am also helping contribute a little to breast cancer research.  Since 2009 mike's has donated over $1 million dollars to fund research and that is awesome. 

I am always running around and it can be difficult to take time for myself and to remember to grab something for me. Most of the time I just swing by my local Circle K and pick up some of my favorites.  Circle K is convenient and always a clean, well-stocked store with friendly associates.  I always grab my mike's along with some of my favorite snacks for both me and the kids (oh and sometimes the husband too)!  Luckily I snagged some pink lemonade this week too, while it is still in season from now until sometime in October.

For me it is important to Drink Pink and really support breast cancer research.  I lost one of the most special people to my mom, myself and Jen.  Jen's mother, Nancy died of breast cancer and it was a tough fought battle.  She gave it her all and although she lost her battle she left us all with memories and love and determination to be better people and do better things.  I miss her daily and I KNOW that Jen misses her like crazy.  Nancy and my mom used to enjoy mike's hard pink lemonade together.

I hope you join me this month and DRINK PINK with mike's hard pink lemonade.  Also please check them out on twitter, Facebook and their website for more information. 


Disclosure:  I was sent a gift card to Circle K to purchase mike's hard lemonade, however, my opinions are my own and I do actually love this delicious malt beverage.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Trappers Day

My daddy is a softy and loves his family.  He also loves his old cars that he has restored over the last 30 years of my life.  All of these cars have a story, all of them he continues to register, plate and keep running.

Left to right: 1959 chevy Pick up, El Camino (forgot year), 1969 pontiac firebird, 1965 chevy pick up. 
Each year the little town that my parents, sister and Jen live in throw this huge celebration about the towns trapping heritage, complete with a car show, parade, town pig roast, vendor fair, kids area, silent auction and a few other events!  

My dad called weeks ago to plan a day for all of us to hang out at the car show, enjoy the day and have a nice family time.  We all packed into these beauties, and drove a few miles, parked and really did have a great family day!  My kids were spoiled as usual and truthfully kept getting stolen from me by grandma and auntie to go have fun while I answered questions about cars and hung with my handsome hubby and daddy. 

The baby enjoyed the large balloon for a real long time and that my friends is the ONLY picture I remembered to take of my children having a blast at this awesome day. 

Next year folks...next year I will take ALL.THE.PICTURES.  

Regardless the kids had a great time, my daddy had a wonderful time showing off all his loves (cars and family) and we had a great time visiting and celebrating with some fantastic people!


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