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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Chaos begins to quiet

I sit here, in the middle of giving my last period class a district assessment. I should be inputting grades, but I need to write. Why...I don't know something just said...WRITE!

My current place of employment has been thundering loudly and revolting quite frankly. I firmly agree with the revolt. Change is needed, positivity is needed, respect is needed and fairness is needed. Change is happening, we will be getting a new principal and superintendent next year. Is this a good thing? No one really knows, nor will they until we are knee deep in it. My hope is that it is a good change. I am tired of coming to work and dealing with all the negativity and getting caught up in it. I am a when I see problems I want to get involved and get them solved so everyone can go back to being happy. The problem with this, is that I get TOO passionate about things and then I become negative. I have worked on this and worked on this and worked on this. Little triumphs in this area are happening, but let's be honest, I have a ways to go!

Anyway, with all this change comes my problem solving nerves. I am nervous about how everything will be done next year. I am nervous about impressing my bosses (yes I like to please people and show off!). I am nervous about block scheduling (although I student taught this way, it will still be an adjustment). I am nervous about how the school will feel next year, who will be in charge, will there be any real change in policy or just a change in faces. All these damn nerves and worries are going to give me an ulcer. I have got to chill. I need a vacation.

Or better yet...I read yesterday that running releases endorphins which put people in a state of happiness. UGH, I feel opposite. I hate running like people hate smelling dead skunk and getting food poisioning! However, I started running last week. I got myself a ghetto, beat up treadmill that does the job of saving my old knees from pavement and have been steadily trying to increase my increments of running. So far I am up to eight minutes total. I should be specific I ran for 5 minutes straight rest for 1 min run for another 2 rest for 30 sec then run for 1 min. That is a total of 8 minutes and I am DAMN proud of that.

Now I am not looking to get all hot and skinny (although that would be a plus). I am looking to make my damn hernia go back in and stop hurting. I pretty much have had 4 months to get this handled. About 4 months ago I went in and was told I have 6 weeks to try and get the hernia to heal itself. I failed miserably and did nothing. When I took Eyan in for his year check up my doctor "casually" mentioned my hernia and I "casually" said it felt fine (LIES!). The following week I played in the Derby bout and my hernia flaired like freaking crazy. That inspired me to get this handled before I get another fancy scar on my abdomen region. So here I am working out at least 3 times a week, running, doing crunches and eating right (except for yesterday, were just pretending the doughnuts, ice cream and cake did not happen).

I feel better, I am sleeping better and I am actually a bit more positive. Maybe running is helping! The chaos in my life is beginning to quiet and things are slowing down. Soon I will be home for 10 full weeks, with my kiddo, enjoying him!

In addition to that I am looking forward to cleaning! Yeah I LOVE CLEANING. I like the smell of my house when its clean, I like showering in a clean bathroom, I like preparing food in a clean kitchen. Now while all of this is done in my house currently, the type of cleaning I am looking forward to is the deep kind! I am cleaning the pantry out, the office closet, I am going to have a garage sale and I am going to reorganize the basement. It's weird but I feel more relaxed in a clean house, and 10 weeks of a super clean house means 10 weeks of complete relaxation.

On another note, I want to go on vacation...badly. Jason and I just got back from Vegas about a month ago, but I wouldn't say that was a vacation. It was a tourism trap! You know how that works, you go somewhere, don't want to miss a moment, so you stay out late and get up early just to see it all. But hey, we got to sleep in later than normal! Anyway, my neighbors are going on an awesome vacation to DisneyWorld in October...SO JEALOUS but excited for them! I am jealous mainly because Eyan is not at an age where spending the money to experience that would be worth it so we have to wait. Damn waiting!

I think my vacation will be camping this summer. I am really excited to get back up in the mountains, riding 4-wheelers and just enjoying nature. Regardless I have 11 days left before summer break and my nerves, excitement and hernia CANNOT WAIT!

What are your summer plans?