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Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello Everyone,

I am pretty reflective on most Fridays. Why? Well I think as a teacher it is kinda of an intuitive thing. I reflect on what I taught my students, how well the lesson went, what I can do to improve next time, what I am teaching next week. I just reflect.

Today, I am reflecting on Y2K. My parents were SUPER paranoid about this. Maybe it was because my uncle is Mormon and a conspiracy theorist and had gigantic stockpiles and large amounts of weapons and loved to share all this information with my parents. Regardless, paranoia was rampant in my house in 2000. At this time we live in the skating rink and we always had a "late skate" on New Years Eve (7-1am) However Y2K was different, my parents ended session at 11pm so that kids could get home by 12am and we sat in the parents area of the rink drinking Dom Perignon and eating seafood like crazy. When nothing happened we went to bed and got up the next day. My parents headed out on the bikes for the Blue Balls Run and my sis and I hung out with our friends. It was like nothing happened and all was calm. I was 15 at the time.

11 years later we face the same unknown "Rapture." This time instead of technology crapping out, now Jesus is going to come down to Earth and take the "saved" souls up to heaven with him, leaving the rest to fight the devil and die at the end of the world...sometime in October. Do I believe this is going to happen? Well, ummm, not exactly. I think our world is fighting back, something climatically major is beginning to build and we see this with the tsunami's, earthquakes, tornado's and other natural disasters becoming increasingly stronger and deadlier. Do I think everything will happen tomorrow. Well I really don't know. Which is a fact WE ALL have to live with. No one truly knows and that is what all the paranoia, fear and talk is about. Could this happen tomorrow...YUP. It could also happen Tuesday, or on the 4th of July or in year 3045. No one can prepare for death and despair, so why worry so much? Instead what you should do is the cliche' thing you hear all the time. Love your family, Cherish those closest to you and live your life to the fullest. Be happy and don't sweat the small stuff.

My mom was funny this morning when she came to pick up Eyan. She said "so the world is ending tomorrow, wanna hang out?" I laughed and hesitated for a minute and said "sure." Mom noticed the hesitance in my voice and said "honey, people been predicting the worlds end inconsistently since the beginning of time and in my lifetime in like 2002, 1982, then 1994 then 2000 and now 2011, if it happens it happens, I am just getting a front seat to the action!" My mom is a goof, but those words were comforting to someone who tends to reflect and worry a lot.

Bottom line, tonight when I get home from work, I am hugging Eyan a little tighter, I am going to tell people I love them a little louder and I am going to enjoy life because regardless if the world ends tomorrow or not these things should always be done with passion because we really don't know what tomorrow brings.