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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reason's why I LOVE being "Ma...Ma"

"I have the most perfect, beautiful baby in the whole world." All mom's think seriously it is true. Parents are actually biologically wired to think this regardless if their baby is in all actuality just plain ugly.

I know my kid is isn't perfect, but he is cute. People tell me all the time. One time this weird chick walked right up to me in Estes Park and said "I don't like children, but I had to tell you that your son is beautiful." So there, the "child-hater" thinks he's beautiful so it must

Anyway, in celebration of Mother's Day, I thought I would list a few reasons that I LOVE being a mommy to my "imperfect monster ninja" pictures!

Reason #10: My kid cleans...err or makes messes and likes vacuums. You decide.
Reason #9: Eyan feeds himself and it is so damn entertaining and cute while doing it!
Reason #8: My kid helps feed other children! This is Eyan's future Girlfriend Kaleigh!
Reason #7: My kid is a Bad-Ass Biker...I promise he is strapped on and that we only took a short cruise.
Reason #6: I love watching him play...seeing the world through his eyes is amazing!Reason #5: Being with family and seeing how much joy he brings to other people's life. This is Eyan's Great-Grandma Rose!
Reason #4: My kid makes funny faces and has such an awesome personality. Here he is acting all cool and trying to blow air out.
Reason #3: Eyan loves animals. So does Mommy & Daddy. Watching him interact with the world and be so gentle amazes me!

Reason #2: Watching him grow and mature! This picture was taken last Mother's Day. He was 3 weeks old and these are my parents.
Reason #1: Because he is mine! I created him, I grew him and I know that he is happy and loved regardless of his imperfections. To me he is perfect and seeing his beautiful face everyday is a privileged that only a mother understands!

I Love you Eyan.

Moral of the story, enjoy your children. Even when they are throwing tantrums, not sleeping and peeing on you in the middle of the night. Eventually all those things will pass, but your memories and reasons you love being a parent shouldn't.