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Monday, May 23, 2011


Rest In Peace Jader Tater May 22, 2011

Yesterday point blank sucked. It actually started off well. We all lived through the "rapture," Eyan slept through the night, I made my rounds to graduation parties and baby showers, spent time with my sister and was just about to catch Beiber Fever and grade when my sisters phone rang.

Ashley: What! Where are you? (silence) What happened to her? (silence) k were coming over.

That was the portion of the conversation that I caught. Initially my thoughts were with Ashley's boyfriends family and his daughter. I thought something had happened to her. Ashley quickly informed me that that was our Mom and that Jade was dying. Ashley said she could hear the dog crying in the background. I panicked, put my dogs in their run while Ashley put Eyan in his car seat.

I have never jumped in a car so quick and drove so erratically to get somewhere. I *thought* we could get there in enough time to save her. The entire drive I was calling a friend who just graduated from Veterinarian school and trying to figure out an emergency vet we could take Jade too. I thought maybe she ate something or her back went out or something...boy was I wrong.

Ashley and I made it to my parents house in 7 minutes (the drive normally take about 12). Ashley jumped out of the car before I even had it in park and dashed inside. By the time I got Eyan out I could hear sobbing. I knew before I even got into the bathroom that Jade had passed. The next two hours we sat with her, we cried, and petted her and cried some more. There was an intense feeling of guilt and anger in that small bathroom because we couldn't help her. My mom ran through what happened. They had went to eat dinner and came back home. Jade came in the garage and laid down by the Bikes. This was abnormal behavior for her. Mom called her to go inside. Jade reluctantly got up and started to go inside, crashing into walls and refusing to go through the doggie door. She made it into her favorite spot in the entire house (the bathroom) and collapsed. From there was a series of heart attacks that took her within minutes. We buried Jade next to our beloved Blue Girl. Both are pictured above. Jade is the all black one with the floppy ears sitting and Blue is the husky looking one that is laying down. Losing both of these dogs was devastating in their own ways.

Blue died about 5 years ago. She was 19 and saved my life from a rattlesnake by warning me that I was about to step on it. She barked and about pulled my ass down trying to get me to walk away from the snake. It worked and I wasn't bitten. Jade was completely the opposite of Blue. She was rescued from these people who used to beat her. We got her when she was 10 weeks old and she pottied in the house just one time, she was scolded and NEVER did it again. Jade was playful and loved playing Frisbee. She was protective of us and if you said the F-word, Jade would run and hide in the bathtub. She was a great dog.

Losing a pet is awful. I don't wish that on anyone. I pray for Jade and Blue and I am so terribly broken by the loss of such great friends.

Today is sad, but I know Jade is in a better place, but it still really sucks