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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lazy Summer

So week 3 of summer is here!  It has gone by WAY to quickly and I have done almost nothing on my "to do during summer list."  Instead I have been enjoying my child and playing with him and laughing with him and just loving him even more.  So below are just a few pictures I took highlighting some of the fun my kiddo and I have.

Picture 1:  Eyan LOVES to go through my old VHS tapes and open them and take the videos out then close them and whack the dogs and or me with these empty covers.  You also see some awesome dog toys.  He LOVES playing with the dogs and taking their toys to them and surprisingly he likes when they play tug-o-war with him and he falls.  My kid is a glutton for punishment!  Regardless, these two things are a daily occurrence in my house.

Picture 2:  I have spent a lot of my summer just snuggling up to my ninja and sleeping.  With my hubby working graveyards I don't sleep very well so when Eyan decides he wants a nap I have been cuddling with him and taking little naps.  Sleeping babies are a beautiful thing, being caught up on sleep helps mommies feel more beautiful and that is always a motivator to get more accomplished.

Picture 3:  A big thing in our house is to put toys (dog or human) on our head and laugh and laugh until it falls off.  Here Eyan has "decorated" his aunt with a scarf from a dog toy.  See how they both are laughing.  Most of the time the simple things can make him the happiest.  I love playing this game!

I have really taken a lot more pictures, but I keep forgetting to upload them on photobucket and am currently blogging away from my home computer.  I will keep updating you on our summer fun.  I am positive a zoo trip is coming and my aunt Jerica's wedding will be an awesome experience.

Have a great summer!

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