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Thursday, June 9, 2011


So on April 22, 2011 my beautiful baby boy took his first independent steps.  It was awesome.  We were at Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa's house and Eyan just began walking all around their house.  I was so enthralled and in awe of how much my little guy accomplishes and how exciting it was for everyone.

Little did I realize that all those pieces of advice I would get about him walking was going to hit me over the next few weeks.

Advice Tid-Bit #1:  Baby Proof NOW!--Jason and I were kinda up on this.  We had put those electrical plug covers in, did the baby gate thing, cupboard locks and made sure all those sharp corners were covered with these stupid plastic things that did not work.  Eyan preferred to chew on them and we sort of gave up on the corner protectors.  I was following him around and making sure that he did not hit that precious little head on any sharp corners.  That works great around my house...not so great at Grandma & Grandpa' their house, he tripped over the dog and landed square on the sharpest coffee table corner EVER!

Exhibit A:  Check out the AMAZING bump in the top-center of my beautiful babies forehead!  

Advice Tid-Bit #2: Never take your Eyes off them!--Yeah you would totally figure after exhibit A that I would be on my little mommy game...WRONG!  The last few weeks of any teachers school year are exhausting and mine was no exception.  As I was hanging out on the couch being lazy, Eyan and the dogs were just playing and playing and playing.  Eyan was right in between them, they both moved, spun him around and WHACK there was the most terrible looking bleeding-black eye I have ever seen on a baby.

Exhibit B, C & D: Nice Shiner!  He really makes it look like I beat him in the second one.

There were a ton more pieces of advice I received when the ninja began his walking skills, and I am sure as he continues to show me who is really in control I will remember them.  As of right now we have only managed to see two of those tid-bits materialize.  I really hope I don't see anymore, I can't bare to see my little man in pain.  Also those damn old ladies in Target need to chill.  I DON'T BEAT MY KID...he is good at doing that all by himself.

It's interesting how one tiny human can change the dynamic of a life that took years for a person to get the hang of.  Regardless of the falls, bumps, bruises and challenges we face; that face, that beautiful, perfect, amazing face is all I need to remind me that although I might not be mom of the year every second of the day, I have my awesome moments and to him I couldn't be any better...well at least until he is 15 then I am totally going to suck.

Exhibit E:  All healed and happy!