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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Last year for my birthday all I wanted was some trees for the backyard.  Jason and I hit a sale at a local farm and scored 3 beautiful trees, a maple, ash and aspen.  I loved them.   We placed the two larger trees in the corners and the aspen in the center of our back yard.  Fall and winter hit and at some point my puppy took a liking to the maple and the poor little tree died.  Luckily our tree supplier offered a rebate on a new tree if yours died in the 1st year.  So in June Jason and I took off and picked up another tree.  We went for another ash because we loved the size of the other one and the leaves are pretty.  Instead of planting it in the corner where the maple was we decided to plant it straight in the middle of our lawn so we would have more shade on our house and less fights with the neighbor.  6 days later I woke up to find that the top of my tree completely broke off.  I was very upset.  I immediately placed a call to our tree supplier and explained to them that I was not going to take the partial rebate and that I wanted a free tree because there had to be a defect in the tree for it to just snap off like that.  In closer examination we realized that there was a notch in the main trunk that created a weak spot.  The tree farmer looked at the pictures I took and quickly offered to replace the tree.  We were so grateful and excited and impressed with the customer service.

Anyhow, I wasn't really writing to give you a whole saga about my trees.  Instead I am writing about how much Eyan loves to water the trees and how darn cute he has been!

Ready to do some yard work!

Now for the best part of this!  My kid decided to run through the sprinklers.  I forgot the camera the first couple times he actually went through them, but I managed to get this cute video!  It is sideways because I am a dork and the volume is super loud, so turn down my squeaky voice, but enjoy my silly baby

Looking at that adorable little boy makes all the tough stuff my family has been dealing with a little easier.  I have eluded to the fact that a very close family friend has been ill.  This family friend is so close I call her my aunt.  Well last Saturday she lost her battle with cancer and the world lost a truly amazing women.  A couple months earlier she was in remission.  Curve balls are always there and life is tough so please remember to cherish those little moments with those you love.