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Friday, July 29, 2011

Why My Kid Is Funny

Ugh...I really need to blog more!  If I could blog 3x a week I would, but I just don't have the time with all the funny stuff that Eyan is doing and saying lately.  I tell you what, this kid is smart and funny and I wish I would buckle down and buy a fancy camcorder or new cell phone so I could get more of his hysterical antics on video.  Until then you will just have to take my word for it and look at some pictures of my funny kid!

This first picture, Eyan was just being his silly self and saying all sorts of funny words, like, "Mia...stinky," "EyanNo," "Baby Butt," and other equally silly stuff.  He is getting particularly great at repeating words.  The worst of those would be "Bullshit"  (courtesy of his father making a joke in a funny voice), and "Vodka" (My mom's way of trying to explain to Eyan that he cannot have her drink). 

Just a cute smile...nice mosquito bite in the middle of his forehead though
The night before I took this picture Jason and I had a great dinner with his family.  Eyan was in rare form and apparently pretty accident prone that evening and managed to fall, lip first onto the floor and then grab a hot fajita plate.  I know that "Mother of the Year" award is coming real soon!.  Picture 2 is supposed to highlight his 1st fat lip, it was good one and he took it like a trooper!  Best part about the whole incident is that I was in the middle of telling Jason's family how we are trying to make him a Big Strong Boy and we are not making a huge deal out of the many falls, bumps and bruises that every toddler manages to organize in a single day.

So much for the big strong boy idea...this baby needed mommy to cuddle him through the pain and I did!

Lately we have been trying to celebrate when Eyan does good things, like picks up his toys, or gives the puppies hugs or throws his dirty diaper into the bin (he loves to do this!)  It used to be a high-five with some kisses and hugs to celebrate.  Now-a-days we have added an additional little celebration.  We tell him "pound it" or "Knuckles" and he reaches out and goes for it!  So much fun and so silly!

Pound It!!!
 My awesome neighbor and I decided to have a garage sale.  My initial thought was to sell doughnuts, coffee and lemonade to the passerby's through the day, but then I decided my chunky butt needed to eat the doughnuts so instead I kept the dozen I purchased.  Day 2 of the garage sale, people showed up an hour earlier than advertised.  I didn't have time to make breakfast for Eyan so instead I decided to give him a chocolate doughnut.  My kid grubbed that up, even his shirt ate some!  I just love the messy face picture!  So Funny!
You see...I just had to eat the doughnut
 The garage sale proved to be hot!  Eyan and the neighbor ladies kids enjoyed some time swimming in the pool.  Eyan is a water dog and loves bath time, puddles, swimming, washing his hands, playing in the dog bowls...well you get the idea.  Eyan Loves Water!

Mommy can I get in?

What is in the bucket?  Water!

Filling the bucket up with more water

I told you my kid LOVES water.  This is something I need to be keenly aware of as he is bound to be that little baby that decides to walk into the deep end of the pool when no one is paying attention.  NOT ON MY WATCH!  Regardless squirt bottles have become a new favorite.  This picture is Eyan spraying himself in the face with water.  He did this for a good 5 minutes, before I decided to end the fun and put him in drier clothes.  
What happens if I press this?  WATER!!!!

So far I would have to say that 15 months is the funnest age.  Eyan has such a personality and is just booming with silly explorations.  I enjoy all this time I get to spend with him.  The summer is coming to an end way to soon. 

What silly things did your kids do that make you laugh?