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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The baby talk...

So as I eluded in earlier posts, I have a little bit of baby fever starting.  I am very conflicted about this, but in all honesty, I would love a baby brother for Eyan.  At some point yesterday, maybe it was the pretty wedding, maybe it is the fact that Eyan is no longer an itty bitty baby or maybe it is the fact that SOOO many people we know are expecting but Jason decided that now he would like to consider having another child...Soon!

This information came as a huge surprise to me as I was pretty positive that Jason had no interest in having another baby for a little while.  We have a little "To Do" list before we want to have another baby and I kinda figured he wanted to accomplish everything on that list before we even had the baby talk.  What is this list?  Well it's pretty short, some things are stupid and where we plan on finding the cash, I have no clue, but here goes:
1. Finish the basement (make the upstairs office into new nursery and move office to finished basement)
2. Build a shed outside (more room in the garage for #3)
3. Get a motorcycle (we have one we are using, but it is stored at the parents)
4. Save $30,000.00 (you read that correctly)
5. Pay off my gas guzzling Tahoe

Well this whole conversation happened last night and part of today. I stopped taking the pill a few months ago.  Mainly because my prescription ran out and so much happened this summer, that getting to the doctor was not a huge priority.  We used other methods to prevent baby #2 for the last few months, but now it appears that my hubby would like to "pull the goalie."  Uhhhh, I have no idea how to react.  

My mind is going 1000 miles an hour.  How are we going to afford baby #2? What about my new job?  What about Eyan?  Preeclampsia? NICU? Finished basement?  Oh my God!

Jason tells me this "If it happens, it happens." So reassuring.  I asked all those questions that I just listed and about 30 more during the last 2 days of discussion.  He still stands by the, "if it happens" statement.  

So what do you do?  I want another baby, I want Eyan and his sibling to be pretty close in age, so why not?  At this point Jason doesn't want me to go back on the pill.  I really don't want to either (I hate those hormones)!  However, I think the timing is rough for us and waiting even a month or 2 might be a better idea.

So what did I do you ask?  In an effort to slightly detour the pregnancy chances I download an App on my phone called "Pregnancy Tracker."  It tracks your period and tells you when you should be ovulating.  Great App!  Let's hope this works, I could be completely naive in thinking it will and maybe in 12 weeks I will be announcing baby number 2, but right now, I have faith that I can slow the baby process down a bit.

Here's to wishful thinking!


  1. oooo!! :O) Pulling the goalie!! WOOT!! Good luck! Let me knwo how you ugys plan on saving 30K! WE need some tips! lol

  2. :) I will I have to make a plan first


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