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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Holy Photo Dump

So I have been blogging from my school computer lately.  Eyan is a wild man as of late.  Currently he is running around the house with a ponytail holder in his mouth chasing the dogs and playing in the dog water.  This is a calm moment for him.  You can only imagine what the "hyper" moments look like :)

Since I have been blogging from my school computer and I cannot add any software without admin approval, I haven't been able to upload any pictures.  My home computer is a POS so I avoid it like the plague.  Jason and I plan on getting a new computer, but I am really thinking of getting a new laptop instead of a desktop...or maybe both!

Either way, I am sure my lovely readers are eager to see what this wild man has been up to.  So here goes!

Last Thursday, Jason and I decided to have family time away from the TV so we lit a fire in our classy little fire pit and dressed Eyan from head to toe in Camo.  It was nice and relaxing and my kid sure knows how to work the camera.  No joke, we didn't pose him for these.

My kid absolutely LOVES cookies.  He asks for them about 10 times a day when I am with him.  I found some delicious mint Oreos and he loved them up.  Here is a great photo dump of Oreo face :)

Can I just tell you how much my kid LOVES to be outside.  He loves to chase the dogs, play in the dirt, swing and slide, and help his daddy with the yard work.  He got this awesome bubble lawn mower  for his birthday and we used this toy a TON.  

The last set is just Eyan being Eyan.  Enjoy!

Loves this truck!

Yummy Spaghetti!

My kid LOVES glasses

I am Cornholio

Seriously though he was crying because he couldn't get his shirt off and I made him take pictures.

Sometimes a laundry basket is all you need

Right...He just looks guilty


  1. He sure is one good looking little man. And anytime you get baby fever and it's not quite time yet, you can come snuggle Duncan. :)

  2. @Sport...I need to snuggle duncan! ASAP

    @Amanda...thank you!


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