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Friday, September 30, 2011

Wyatt's Warriors

When Jason and I bought our first house, we were eager to meet our neighbors and settle in.  Much to our surprise we moved in right across from a friend of mine from high school and his family.  I was pregnant at the time and Rod and Sam had two little ones.  Wyatt is their youngest and at the time we moved in he was only 4 months old!  Wyatt is now a busy and adorable 2 year old and him and Eyan LOVE playing together and fighting over toys.  My neighbors are pretty awesome people!

So why "Wyatt's Warriors?"  Well just shortly before Wyatt turned 2 he began having seizures.  Rod and Sam acted quickly and had tests ran and little man was diagnosed with Epilepsy.  This was in July.  Sam did a ton of research and found out about the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation.  She got into contact with them and they have been nothing short of a blessing.  They sponsor a walk every year in honor of their daughter that passed away from seizures.  They were also able to help locate a group that could match little Wyatt with a service dog.  Wyatt will train with this puppy that will help recognize his seizures and help him out with day to day activities.  However, "GUS GUS" as we all affectionately call him, is VERY expensive.  So to offset the costs, Sam and Rod and many other awesome people have been fundraising.  The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation is giving a portion of the walk proceeds to help fund the dog and then there will be a spaghetti dinner on November 19th to raise the rest of the funds.  Let me know if you are interested in attending or in donating, every penny counts!

Anyway, the walk was a TON of fun and Eyan made a furry friend, so here are some pics of our super duper day!

Rod, Sam, Cydni, Wyatt and Gus Gus
Ready to walk with Stacey and Tom
5K, here goes!
Well Hello George!
Your a good service dog
Lets go sleepy night night
Kisses George!
Hey!  Wanna wear my hat?
My adorable little man helping raise awareness and support his buddy!