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Sunday, October 16, 2011

iPhone day 2 & 3

Ugh...Yesterday's iPhone experience sucked!  Once our numbers ported over, my iphone no longer worked and Sprint and Apple deemed it "defective."  So back to the Sprint store I went, and an hour later all my 653 contacts were ported and the phone was FINALLY working correctly.  I should let you know that prior to yesterday, the phone worked but I didn't have my old number, so we had them ported from Tmobile.

Did you read the portion where I had 653 contacts?  Ummm, yeah herein lies the next portion of sucksville.  Prior to owning the wonderful iPhone, Jason and I had the G1 google phone so all of our contacts were saved on our gmail accounts.  This includes ALL of the email addresses you have ever emailed!  So when they ported my number, over came not only my friends and family's numbers but every single derby girl, professor, friend, craigslist add and God knows who else's email addresses.  So I have spent more than 3 hours going through 1 by 1 and deleting these wonderful contacts.  The salesman at the store said that I could just plug the phone into iTunes and edit it from there, however, on the 3 computers I tried that on, it didn't even work on one.  I spent another 2 hours trying this and rearranging all my contacts on my email into groups.  Such a HUGE waste of time.

So that pretty much caps my experience with the iPhone 4 yesterday.  Below is a picture of my beautiful phone!

So let's move onto today!  Today was awesome, the phone works wonderfully and I have found some awesome apps on the store!  I spent a portion of today taking videos of Eyan and pictures of Eyan and just super enjoying the awesome features of this phone!

Features I LOVE:
  • The camera (8 mpx with a flash and edit!)
  • The speed (moves from app to app in a split second!)
  • The weight
  • The APPS! (More on that in a second)
One of the features I just love which I had on the android market, but is much more in depth and faster on the iPhone, is the app store.  I have found so many great kid apps on this!  My favorites have been the Fisher-Price apps!  Eyan loves these!  They are basically interactive flash cars that go over animal sounds, names and numbers and even body parts!  My kid knows a lot of these, so for him it was fun to say the words and the sounds and count and point to his body parts with these three apps!  I definitely recommend these apps to any parents!

The camera/video camera clarity is amazing!  I posted a video of Eyan and the toy that I loath the most in our house on Facebook.  Follow the link as I cannot embed the video on her for some reason.

So as of today I still like my iPhone.  I have until October 28th to return it for a full refund and exchange it for another phone/cancel my service.  I will try to come up with some "cons" on this phone as I know many people are on the fence about switching.