Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hello Readers!

Today I have decided to try a fancy "blog hop."  What is a "blog hop" you ask.  It is basically a way for me to visit other peoples blogs and invite them to visit mine.  If you are new to my FUNKY blog, welcome and thank you for reading!

Today I am linking up with The Mama Pirate Feeling Beachie for a Friday...err "Saturday" Fill In!

The basics of this is that you are given four questions with blanks and you need to fill them in with your answers.  With further au-du, here are the questions with my answers:

1. My first car was a ______________.
2. I find a ___________ very relaxing.
3. Red ___________ makes me think of _____________.
4. Next year _____________will ________________.
  1. My first car was a 1972 Buick Skylark.  It was fully restored and beautiful and FAST!  Although I was one of the only kids in high school driving a classic car, I loved that car and I still miss ol "Big Red."
  2. I find a beer very relaxing. It could be the alcohol or it could just be that when I am drinking it, I am usually laughing and enjoying time with friends.  Regardless,  I rarely drink, but when I do, I love my Bud Light. 
  3. Red candy makes me think of Twizzlers.  Ok I sort of sucked at this one, but my mom LOVES those pull and peel twizzlers and we ate an awful lot of them growing up.
  4. Next year, hopefully I will be renewed for year 2 at my new school.  I really like my new school as far as how relaxed the atmosphere is and how much time I have to actually get work done at work so I can spend home time with my family.
Hope you link up!