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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Diaper Review

Anyone else getting bombarded with the Huggies Slip On Diapers coupons?  You know the ones for $3.00 off that are supposed to help with your "squirmy" toddler?

Well I totally am, and I totally love coupons, so I totally tried them...

-They are the same consistency as regular Huggies
-The side bands are soft
-They really are easy to get a "squirmy" toddler in
-The designs are pretty darn cute
-The diapers are easy to change if baby goes #2 because the sides velcro

-If your baby has a smaller booty go one size down...they slip off
-If your baby has allergies...these might not be a great idea.  Eyans poor booty broke out like crazy!

With the "Slip Off" comment, here are some pretty hysterical pictures of my kiddo wearing the "Slip-On" diapers, which you cannot see because they are "Slipping-Off."

AHAHAHAHA seriously so funny, I couldn't hardly keep the camera still :)


  1. OH MY GOSH!! This is so cute! Hello blackmail picture for the future!! lol

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