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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Do you believe in Angels?

As of late many people have died around us.  In the last 3 years I have lost 10 people.  Death has just become part of our lives and that is a sad fact.  I desperately miss those I have lost and my husbands family has been terrorized with death like you don't even understand.  I have to have faith that those that have passed on are still around us and still listening.  I know for a fact that Jason's mom is around us. Take for example my son who has never met his grandma because she died 10 days before we found out about Eyan.  He grabbed her photo the other day and said "grandma" like he knows her.  He also used to just zone out looking up very weird like when he was an infant and then smile and coo.  I pray every night and talk to Jason's mom in my prayers.  I ask her to look over Eyan and to visit him in his dreams so he knows what an awesome woman she is and that she loves him dearly.

Well this is leading into an interesting phenomena I have heard of several times.  Many people have told me that when those little orbs show up in pictures they are our guardian angels.  This is a pretty awesome one I found online.

Well I had a little angel show up in a photo I took the other day.  My neighbor who is 6 months pregnant, her son who is 2 and suffers from epilepsy and my little man were sitting watching TV and I just snapped a photo.  Check out the GIANT orb angel surrounding them.  It was very comforting to both myself and the neighbor-lady to know that someone is watching over us!