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Monday, November 28, 2011

Family Pictures!

I had a wonderful friend offer to take our family photos this year as she is starting her photography business.

We of course obliged an are just in love with the way that they turned out.  It was a bright, but brisk morning last weekend and boy was our little ninja a little less than cooperative, but Rachel did an awesome job with him and managed to at least get him to look at the camera.

If you are in the Colorado area and are in need of some family photographs please comment below and I will get you in touch with Rachel.  Her pricing is very affordable and the picture quality is awesome!  I made her leave the angel orbs in, but she can take them out.  You already know how I feel about those orbs :)

He loved this tire swing

All by himself!

Love the old barns and Eyans dirty booty! 
My hair looks pretty blonde here, but I like this one

One of my Favorites!

Seriously LOVE this!

Kicked back country style!

Lovin the pumpkins

Ninja was not happy about the pictures but he was interested.

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