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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Update

I am so behind in updating.  We have had a lot of deaths/major family health situations come up and I am just been so overwhelmed with that, that I have had NO time to update.

Here is my Halloween update which was supposed to be three different blog posts, but has turned into one for fear that I will not have time to update.

Part 1: "Building a Halloween Costume."

My mom ALWAYS made my Halloween costumes, so if there is one thing I insist on, it is that I make Eyan's costumes.  Last year I made Eyan a Ninja costume because we had been calling him a ninja since the 1st trimester.  This is Eyan last year on Halloween

Since Eyan is only 18 months old, I had to decide what I wanted to dress him up as.  Right now, Eyan is in LOVE with motorcycles and his Papa.  So I decided he was going to be a biker...but I had to make the costume.  My ingenious brain came up with the idea to make a motorcycle out of a box...here are the pictures of the "build."  I built it out of a Huggies box and some foam poster board and then spray painted it black and hand painted in the details.  

Part 2:  "Introducing Eyan to the Bike"

I knew that we would have to do a run through on this costume before we took him out trick or treating!  So we got Eyan fully costumed up and put him in his motorcycle and had him play around the house!  He LOVE it, especially chasing around the dogs and going "Vroom Vroom!"

Part 3: "Trick or Treating"

Halloween is not complete if you don't go trick or treating...at least in our household.  We lucked out and Colorado had PERFECT weather for Halloween.  We loaded Eyan up and headed to meet MY cousins (his 2nd cousins...I am the oldest of the grandchildren and my son is actually older than some of his 2nd cousins)  

The cousins getting ready to go
Papa getting Eyan in his motorcycle
VROOM Ready to GO

Finally at a house!

Trick or Treat

Made it through 20 houses before the wagon/candy called his name

Hope your Halloween was as awesome as ours!

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  1. OMG that is the cutest homemade costume that I have ever seen. You did such an amazing job on it. Youre very creative.


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