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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Recently I ran into my second cousin and his wife.  They have 5 boys all very close in age!  Oh my gosh could you even imagine.  I am surviving with one, mouthy, rowdy, silly, terrorizing boy.  Ok, anyway, we ran into each other at a department store where Jason and I were looking for shoes for Eyan...again.  This little boy goes through shoes and clothes like crazy!  We have been so entirely blessed to not really have to purchase any clothes for Eyan.  Friends and family have bought him TONS of clothes and on top of that hand-me-downs have been a super duper blessing.  Shoes on the other hand are being purchased like every 3-5 weeks because this boys foot keeps growing.

So my awesome cousins let me in on an awesome store program!  Sears has a program they call "KidVantage."  Basically if a kid is hard on clothes and shoes, you can return them to Sears and get the exact same item in the same size, no questions asked!  I think that is pretty awesome, especially as Eyan continues to become more destructive.  Also, one of the employees enlightened us to the fact that you can return them if your kid grows out of them and get a brand new pair for a future child (hopefully of the same sex!)

Hey I am a bargain shopper so I am totally all about getting more for my money!  Anyway, Jason, Eyan and I went to Sears and found a great pair of shoes for him.  Check out my monster in his new "Kidvantage" shoes!

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  1. OMG i just love following your blog!! I learn something new everyday!! I am totally gonna take advantage of this program. I also have a 2 year old who is rough on shoes and he is already in a size 8 and his feet just keep getting bigger and bigger. This program would also work out for my 8 month old!! Thanks Laura. Plus we get the employee discount since my hubby is a manager at the Kmart DC!!!


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