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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Double Whammy--Saturdays Laughs!

I totally forgot that today was Saturday when I scheduled all my blogs this week!

Well I just love The Mommyhood Chronicles and her Saturday Top 5 Laughs Blog Hop!  So here are my top 5 of the last couple weeks!

1. As you see below it is definitely Christmas at our house and the inside is NO exception!  We decorate everything from the kitchen to the bathroom in our house and as soon as I can find a great duvet for our down comforters I am attacking the bedroom!  Anyway, one of the decorations in my house is an animated singing Elmo that Eyan ADORES!  He pushes the button and Elmo comes to life singing a loud variety of Christmas music and my kid goes CRAZY!  He dances and stares at Elmo and is just enthralled.  It is so freaking cute to watch him love Elmo as much as mommy does!

2. I'm hormonal...cause I am a woman.  Sometimes the hubby doesn't understand this.  This week we bought a poinsettia after MANY years of me fighting this "flower" in our house.  I tried to set it off to the side, Jason moved it to the center of the island in our kitchen...I lost my mind on him.  Which is the real funny part.  What woman cries and fights over flowers?  Um this crazy one!  The flower is still hanging our on the kitchen island and I am still annoyed by it.  Vendetta against the poinsettia...I think yes!

3.  Working as a teacher I get a good 5 days off for Thanksgiving and HOLY HECK was it needed.  But alas, all great things must come to an end.  I returned this week to some super silly kids.  One of which asked me the following: "Mrs. Funk, If you only do drugs for like a year does is really do brain damage?"  My reply..."Let me check your test scores."  AHAHAHAHAHA sometimes I am so witty.

4. We got snow in COLORADO can you freaking believe it...yeah me either.  Well, I got an SUV...and no ice scrapper.  Which is hysterical when you totally have iced over windows at work and try to scrap the window with your insurance card (it totally works on dirty dishes).  I am such a dork...and ended up quitting after 5 minutes of being unsuccessful.  I just sat in my car with the defroster running until I had enough window space to see and "safely" drive.

5.  I fell asleep on the couch...per usual lately.  My lovely puppy Lily was sleeping on the love seat.  She started some serious dream where I can only assume she was chasing rabbits.  Anyway she starts barking and freaking out in her dream and I wake up screaming "get it, get it."  Apparently I was in on the dream?  So funny.

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  1. You are too sweet. I love reading your laughs!! I look forward to it every week. These are fantastic! That is so cute with the elmo doll. Isn't it so cute when they become obsessed with something. I see a lot of elmo in your future,lol. I totally relate to #4. I am hormonal all the time and the simplest things need to be done my way. Let me check your test scores. This is so funny! You were in her dreams- so cute! Loved reading your laughs. Thanks for linking up.


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