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Friday, December 2, 2011


Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all my wonderful readers!

My family has always done Thanksgiving at our family-owned roller skating rink.  It is large enough that everyone can fit comfortably and it has both a house and the rink all attached into one very large building.  We spend the majority of Thanksgiving in house, and later in the afternoon we sometimes journey into the  rink.  Since the majority of us have skated since we were practically born, we tend to skate less and eat more.

Thanksgiving this year was a bit off.  My hubby had worked about 27 hours without sleep and basically showed up to eat and say hi then head to bed for another 8 hour shift later that night.  I was not feeling very well, (more on that later) and Eyan was just going crazy chasing around all his cousins.  I was pretty lame with the camera, but managed to snap some less than perfect pictures on my iphone.

Don't they all look so happy...I think it is nap time

Happy Gobble Gobble

Eyan and MY cousin (his 2nd cousin) Taya
(Eyan is only 6 weeks older than her!)

Isn't she so freaking adorable!