We Got the FUNK: May 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I need...help

Yesterday was the longest day I have had in a long time. I worked until almost 5:00 pm and was exhausted. Thankfully my husband made a delicious dinner and Eyan decided that bedtime was 5:30!!! Yeah I know and the beautiful baby slept through the entire night! No joke he must have been exhausted.

As I was holding my little boy last night and just snuggling up I was thinking that I have been slacking lately on picture taking. I also feel like I always take the same pictures. We are usually at home and he is usually playing with toys, the dogs or big boy tools. Or I am taking pictures of his crazy hair and silly faces. We just don't get out a lot it seems. That's really not the truth! We are always running but not always for things for him. So I also decided I need more ideas for kid activities his age.

Any help mommies???

Monday, May 23, 2011


Rest In Peace Jader Tater May 22, 2011

Yesterday point blank sucked. It actually started off well. We all lived through the "rapture," Eyan slept through the night, I made my rounds to graduation parties and baby showers, spent time with my sister and was just about to catch Beiber Fever and grade when my sisters phone rang.

Ashley: What! Where are you? (silence) What happened to her? (silence) k were coming over.

That was the portion of the conversation that I caught. Initially my thoughts were with Ashley's boyfriends family and his daughter. I thought something had happened to her. Ashley quickly informed me that that was our Mom and that Jade was dying. Ashley said she could hear the dog crying in the background. I panicked, put my dogs in their run while Ashley put Eyan in his car seat.

I have never jumped in a car so quick and drove so erratically to get somewhere. I *thought* we could get there in enough time to save her. The entire drive I was calling a friend who just graduated from Veterinarian school and trying to figure out an emergency vet we could take Jade too. I thought maybe she ate something or her back went out or something...boy was I wrong.

Ashley and I made it to my parents house in 7 minutes (the drive normally take about 12). Ashley jumped out of the car before I even had it in park and dashed inside. By the time I got Eyan out I could hear sobbing. I knew before I even got into the bathroom that Jade had passed. The next two hours we sat with her, we cried, and petted her and cried some more. There was an intense feeling of guilt and anger in that small bathroom because we couldn't help her. My mom ran through what happened. They had went to eat dinner and came back home. Jade came in the garage and laid down by the Bikes. This was abnormal behavior for her. Mom called her to go inside. Jade reluctantly got up and started to go inside, crashing into walls and refusing to go through the doggie door. She made it into her favorite spot in the entire house (the bathroom) and collapsed. From there was a series of heart attacks that took her within minutes. We buried Jade next to our beloved Blue Girl. Both are pictured above. Jade is the all black one with the floppy ears sitting and Blue is the husky looking one that is laying down. Losing both of these dogs was devastating in their own ways.

Blue died about 5 years ago. She was 19 and saved my life from a rattlesnake by warning me that I was about to step on it. She barked and about pulled my ass down trying to get me to walk away from the snake. It worked and I wasn't bitten. Jade was completely the opposite of Blue. She was rescued from these people who used to beat her. We got her when she was 10 weeks old and she pottied in the house just one time, she was scolded and NEVER did it again. Jade was playful and loved playing Frisbee. She was protective of us and if you said the F-word, Jade would run and hide in the bathtub. She was a great dog.

Losing a pet is awful. I don't wish that on anyone. I pray for Jade and Blue and I am so terribly broken by the loss of such great friends.

Today is sad, but I know Jade is in a better place, but it still really sucks

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Chaos begins to quiet

I sit here, in the middle of giving my last period class a district assessment. I should be inputting grades, but I need to write. Why...I don't know something just said...WRITE!

My current place of employment has been thundering loudly and revolting quite frankly. I firmly agree with the revolt. Change is needed, positivity is needed, respect is needed and fairness is needed. Change is happening, we will be getting a new principal and superintendent next year. Is this a good thing? No one really knows, nor will they until we are knee deep in it. My hope is that it is a good change. I am tired of coming to work and dealing with all the negativity and getting caught up in it. I am a problem-solver...so when I see problems I want to get involved and get them solved so everyone can go back to being happy. The problem with this, is that I get TOO passionate about things and then I become negative. I have worked on this and worked on this and worked on this. Little triumphs in this area are happening, but let's be honest, I have a ways to go!

Anyway, with all this change comes my problem solving nerves. I am nervous about how everything will be done next year. I am nervous about impressing my bosses (yes I like to please people and show off!). I am nervous about block scheduling (although I student taught this way, it will still be an adjustment). I am nervous about how the school will feel next year, who will be in charge, will there be any real change in policy or just a change in faces. All these damn nerves and worries are going to give me an ulcer. I have got to chill. I need a vacation.

Or better yet...I read yesterday that running releases endorphins which put people in a state of happiness. UGH, I feel opposite. I hate running like people hate smelling dead skunk and getting food poisioning! However, I started running last week. I got myself a ghetto, beat up treadmill that does the job of saving my old knees from pavement and have been steadily trying to increase my increments of running. So far I am up to eight minutes total. I should be specific I ran for 5 minutes straight rest for 1 min run for another 2 rest for 30 sec then run for 1 min. That is a total of 8 minutes and I am DAMN proud of that.

Now I am not looking to get all hot and skinny (although that would be a plus). I am looking to make my damn hernia go back in and stop hurting. I pretty much have had 4 months to get this handled. About 4 months ago I went in and was told I have 6 weeks to try and get the hernia to heal itself. I failed miserably and did nothing. When I took Eyan in for his year check up my doctor "casually" mentioned my hernia and I "casually" said it felt fine (LIES!). The following week I played in the Derby bout and my hernia flaired like freaking crazy. That inspired me to get this handled before I get another fancy scar on my abdomen region. So here I am working out at least 3 times a week, running, doing crunches and eating right (except for yesterday, were just pretending the doughnuts, ice cream and cake did not happen).

I feel better, I am sleeping better and I am actually a bit more positive. Maybe running is helping! The chaos in my life is beginning to quiet and things are slowing down. Soon I will be home for 10 full weeks, with my kiddo, enjoying him!

In addition to that I am looking forward to cleaning! Yeah I LOVE CLEANING. I like the smell of my house when its clean, I like showering in a clean bathroom, I like preparing food in a clean kitchen. Now while all of this is done in my house currently, the type of cleaning I am looking forward to is the deep kind! I am cleaning the pantry out, the office closet, I am going to have a garage sale and I am going to reorganize the basement. It's weird but I feel more relaxed in a clean house, and 10 weeks of a super clean house means 10 weeks of complete relaxation.

On another note, I want to go on vacation...badly. Jason and I just got back from Vegas about a month ago, but I wouldn't say that was a vacation. It was a tourism trap! You know how that works, you go somewhere, don't want to miss a moment, so you stay out late and get up early just to see it all. But hey, we got to sleep in later than normal! Anyway, my neighbors are going on an awesome vacation to DisneyWorld in October...SO JEALOUS but excited for them! I am jealous mainly because Eyan is not at an age where spending the money to experience that would be worth it so we have to wait. Damn waiting!

I think my vacation will be camping this summer. I am really excited to get back up in the mountains, riding 4-wheelers and just enjoying nature. Regardless I have 11 days left before summer break and my nerves, excitement and hernia CANNOT WAIT!

What are your summer plans?

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello Everyone,

I am pretty reflective on most Fridays. Why? Well I think as a teacher it is kinda of an intuitive thing. I reflect on what I taught my students, how well the lesson went, what I can do to improve next time, what I am teaching next week. I just reflect.

Today, I am reflecting on Y2K. My parents were SUPER paranoid about this. Maybe it was because my uncle is Mormon and a conspiracy theorist and had gigantic stockpiles and large amounts of weapons and loved to share all this information with my parents. Regardless, paranoia was rampant in my house in 2000. At this time we live in the skating rink and we always had a "late skate" on New Years Eve (7-1am) However Y2K was different, my parents ended session at 11pm so that kids could get home by 12am and we sat in the parents area of the rink drinking Dom Perignon and eating seafood like crazy. When nothing happened we went to bed and got up the next day. My parents headed out on the bikes for the Blue Balls Run and my sis and I hung out with our friends. It was like nothing happened and all was calm. I was 15 at the time.

11 years later we face the same unknown "Rapture." This time instead of technology crapping out, now Jesus is going to come down to Earth and take the "saved" souls up to heaven with him, leaving the rest to fight the devil and die at the end of the world...sometime in October. Do I believe this is going to happen? Well, ummm, not exactly. I think our world is fighting back, something climatically major is beginning to build and we see this with the tsunami's, earthquakes, tornado's and other natural disasters becoming increasingly stronger and deadlier. Do I think everything will happen tomorrow. Well I really don't know. Which is a fact WE ALL have to live with. No one truly knows and that is what all the paranoia, fear and talk is about. Could this happen tomorrow...YUP. It could also happen Tuesday, or on the 4th of July or in year 3045. No one can prepare for death and despair, so why worry so much? Instead what you should do is the cliche' thing you hear all the time. Love your family, Cherish those closest to you and live your life to the fullest. Be happy and don't sweat the small stuff.

My mom was funny this morning when she came to pick up Eyan. She said "so the world is ending tomorrow, wanna hang out?" I laughed and hesitated for a minute and said "sure." Mom noticed the hesitance in my voice and said "honey, people been predicting the worlds end inconsistently since the beginning of time and in my lifetime in like 2002, 1982, then 1994 then 2000 and now 2011, if it happens it happens, I am just getting a front seat to the action!" My mom is a goof, but those words were comforting to someone who tends to reflect and worry a lot.

Bottom line, tonight when I get home from work, I am hugging Eyan a little tighter, I am going to tell people I love them a little louder and I am going to enjoy life because regardless if the world ends tomorrow or not these things should always be done with passion because we really don't know what tomorrow brings.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Reason's why I LOVE being "Ma...Ma"

"I have the most perfect, beautiful baby in the whole world." All mom's think this...no seriously it is true. Parents are actually biologically wired to think this regardless if their baby is in all actuality just plain ugly.

I know my kid is isn't perfect, but he is cute. People tell me all the time. One time this weird chick walked right up to me in Estes Park and said "I don't like children, but I had to tell you that your son is beautiful." So there, the "child-hater" thinks he's beautiful so it must be...lol.

Anyway, in celebration of Mother's Day, I thought I would list a few reasons that I LOVE being a mommy to my "imperfect monster ninja"...in pictures!

Reason #10: My kid cleans...err or makes messes and likes vacuums. You decide.
Reason #9: Eyan feeds himself and it is so damn entertaining and cute while doing it!
Reason #8: My kid helps feed other children! This is Eyan's future Girlfriend Kaleigh!
Reason #7: My kid is a Bad-Ass Biker...I promise he is strapped on and that we only took a short cruise.
Reason #6: I love watching him play...seeing the world through his eyes is amazing!Reason #5: Being with family and seeing how much joy he brings to other people's life. This is Eyan's Great-Grandma Rose!
Reason #4: My kid makes funny faces and has such an awesome personality. Here he is acting all cool and trying to blow air out.
Reason #3: Eyan loves animals. So does Mommy & Daddy. Watching him interact with the world and be so gentle amazes me!

Reason #2: Watching him grow and mature! This picture was taken last Mother's Day. He was 3 weeks old and these are my parents.
Reason #1: Because he is mine! I created him, I grew him and I know that he is happy and loved regardless of his imperfections. To me he is perfect and seeing his beautiful face everyday is a privileged that only a mother understands!

I Love you Eyan.

Moral of the story, enjoy your children. Even when they are throwing tantrums, not sleeping and peeing on you in the middle of the night. Eventually all those things will pass, but your memories and reasons you love being a parent shouldn't.

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Son is a Monster...err toddler

Well, this last week has been interesting in the house of Funk. That beautiful baby I enjoyed a few weeks ago has turned into a full blown, attention thriving, no sleep, disaster making monster toddler. As we speak right now he is tearing magazines up and trying to ride the dog. Let me remind you he is just barely a year old. In my struggle to be "the perfect mommy" I have had mixed emotions about his behavior and how to handle it. It all started last Tuesday night. Eyan was happy, fed, and TIRED. Boy was he tired. My beautiful baby boy and I went and did the whole nighttime routine us new moms stick to; bath, lotion, bottle, book, kisses, bed. Just as I was about to walk out the door he rolls over throws his bottle out of the crib and starts screaming. At first I thought he was hurt because that was the scream he did, but then I realized he just wanted mommy. So being the great mommy I am (see: sucker) , I grabbed him up, picked up his bottle and rocked him to sleepy-land...or so I thought. Just as I went to lay him in his crib he repeated the scene from earlier. Only now with more frustration, anger and noise. I tried again, and again, and again, well you see where this is going. I slept all of what I think was like 1 hour before I needed to leave for work.

This scenario played out on Wednesday night as well and by Thursday night my amazing mother decided she would give Jason and I a break from the crazy ninja baby. Best night of sleep ever...for both of us apparently. My mother said Eyan slept great. He only woke up one time and went to bed just fine. DAMN! That was the first thought in my head when I heard that. Followed that one up with "why me?" Yup you read that right. I actually felt bad for myself about not being capable of putting my own child to bed. My mom can apparently do it just fine, so why can't I? What changed?

I tossed all those emotions to the side, decided that maybe it was just those two nights and he would sleep for me. HE DID! Friday night that boy slept from 9:00 to 6:00! Then Saturday evening came...Toddler Monster Attacked. He screamed and cried and threw himself around his crib and tossed every blanket, toy and bottle he could. He got so upset he threw up. I kept trying to calm him down. I Ferbered that baby like a good mommy would, finally he gave in and slept. I honestly could not tell you how long though because I was so sleep deprived that I don't know when he went to sleep and when he woke up. Sunday night was not much better.

I am hoping and praying that this little boy decides that sleep is something he enjoys, because he loves his mommy! OHHH early Mothers Day Gift idea: 1 month of sleeping from 8 to 8! Oh please God help us.

So this brings me to something. I have 3.5 weeks left of school and I need ALL the sleep and motivation I can get. See I have a hernia and no energy to do anything. I got this wonderful hernia from pushing so incredibly hard to get this ninja baby out (even though he was coming out ear first and his shoulders were perpendicular to my hips). That kid was not coming out. That wonderful hernia got reactivated when I made the conscious (see: sober) decision to skate in a fundraiser roller derby bout for a derby friend of mine who has MS. I retired from derby close to 3 yrs ago and have recently taken up retired derby which honestly is a heck of a lot of fun, but gives you the option to participate in drills and scrimmaging as you would like. I LOVE IT, but have been being careful not to agitate the hernia, so I haven't being doing much hitting. DUMB idea to skate the MS bout. There was hitting everywhere and although I tried to avoid, sometimes you just gotta go for it. Well I regretted that for the rest of the week. My doctor told me I need to tighten up the stomach muscles and that *might* help me avoid surgery. So I found a cheap treadmill online, dug out the exercise ball and weights and decided on Monday I was going back on my diabetes diet and starting to work out again. [yes I have type 2 diabetes, right now I am considered in my "honeymoon" period so I can eat "normal (doritos, ice cream, easter candy, carbs)" but at some point my diabetes will rear its ugly head and I will again be forced to eat whole grains, cut the sugar and live a life of veggies and water. Until then I was all about BRING ON THE CRAP FOOD! Oh how I love crap food.] Ok back to the story and my real reason for blogging today!


I ate pretty dang well & I exercised. I ran for 5 minutes (don't laugh, it's a start and I freaking hate running more than I hate not sleeping) and I did a set of 50 sit ups on the exercise ball, then my hernia started hurting so I decided to call it a work out. I had more energy and I cooked and did some work! I am proud so you should be too! My goal is to run for 15 minutes straight by the end of week 2 and be up to 1000 crunches/sit ups. I have no real "weight loss" plan, but maybe I will drop a few or maybe I won't.

Well I think that is the blog this week. My monster ninja toddler is currently biting his own hand and throwing himself down on the floor with screaming and anger! YAY ME!

Have a good week and here is a picture of the ninja monster toddler: