We Got the FUNK: June 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh Boy...BABIES!

Sorry readers that I have been away for so long...summer is tough and I avoid the computer a lot.  I have a lot to write about, my aunts wedding, how adorable Eyan is, some tough stuff but that is not what I am writing about today.

I am betting you are waiting for me to announce that I am having another little guy!  HA!  You thought wrong.  That won't be happening for a very long time, if at all.  Eyan still doesn't fully sleep through the night and is a handful so until I get more sleep and feel more sane, the thought of more children is a distant one.  But on the subject of babies...I actually have 3!  Mia, Lily & Eyan are my precious babies and I love them all...ok I love Eyan the Most!  But Mia and Lily are my puppy loves and they are just the sweetest pups alive...plus they protect me!

See how cute all my babies are!  Mia is the black dog, Lily is the yellow lab and I bet you can guess who the ADORABLE ninja in the center is!  Mia is almost 4, Lily is almost 2 and Eyan is 1!

Well just like with Eyan, my "girls" can be trouble.  Mia especially, and as of late she is killing me and my house.   Here is a better picture of my Mia.

So let's learn the story of my Mia.  Mia came from a litter of 17 puppies!  Yeah you read that correctly and they were the most beautiful puppies EVER!  The mommy could not feed and take care of all the puppies so the vet told the owners that they needed to "thin out" the litter.  They began to find homes for all these little guys and wonderfully, 3 of them made it to us!  Jason's cousins Billy & Lori and Uncle Cliff drove a few hours to bring home these little guys and immediately we were all enamored!  Billy's friend was planning on taking the boy who he named Chance and I was taking the two little girls.  One was supposed to go to my uncle as a Christmas surprise, but he decided he didn't want a new dog so my awesome aunt took her and named her Piper.  So then it was just Jason, Mia and I and we were a happy little family of a 5 WEEK OLD PUPPY!  Again you read that correctly, the puppies were still very young and very little so we all had to be extra diligent in taking care of them.  Mia was my baby, I took her everywhere and loved to snuggle her; that is until she grew to 60+lbs and is a wild thing.  Mia was perfect, except for 1 thing, we could not get her potty trained perfectly.  We tried and tried and then at about a year all seemed good and Mia was peeing outside.

At around 6 months we had Mia spayed and she recovered great.  Then when Mia turned 1 year and exactly 1 day away from the day we became her parents, Mia had to have surgery to remove 3 balls that she had ingested while playing out at my parents farm while Jason and I were at a Christmas Party (even puppies need sitters ;).  It took almost 3 weeks for her to return to normal and that recovered sucked for EVERYONE!  I nursed Mia back to health and she seemed to be back to normal. 

When Mia was 2 we moved to our new house.  She LOVED this house and was great about using the yard as her potty and adjusted wonderfully.  We also decided to get Mia a playmate and found Lily for a great deal on craigslist.  Lily and Mia love each other and Mia helped potty train the pup.  Fast forward a year, its January 2011 and all the sudden little puddle spots keep showing up.  They are about as round as the bottom of a pop can...I get down to smell this and what do I smell...URINE!  WTF?!?  Eyan has his diaper on still and my dogs are potty trained...um...err...were?  This happens for a week straight and finally I took Mia in and that is when we found out that Mia forms crystals in her bladder which makes her sphincter not function properly and leads to a "little" incontinence.  Apparently pretty common with dogs who have been spayed.  YAY!  Um no!  They put Mia on a strict urinary diet and it really helped but was extremely expensive (we're talking $140.00 a month to feed JUST HER!)  It fixed Mia right up and all was great...until the week we ran out of food and out of time to get to the pet store.  So we decided to just feed her Lily's food for a few days until we could get over to the store to get Mia her special food.  Needless to say around my house it has been piss central and I am shampooing carpet and anything else Mia decides to have an accident on.  We have really been working to keep the furniture clear of pets, but our bed has been a long standing battle with them, especially now that Jason and I work opposite shifts.  Lily is loud when she gets into our bed so I can easily tell her get down, Mia on the other hand is sneaky.  This is even worse when Jason decides that the girls need to be in the room when he is sleeping and I am out and about during the day.  So Mia has left some puddles on my bed.

 MY BED!  My beautiful, comfy and extremely expensive sleep number bed!  She peed on this beauty not once, not twice, but about 4 times!  I stripped my bed, unzipped the pillow top and washed every linen, I even called the mattress manufacturer to see if I could actually put the unzipped pillow top in the washer.  Apparently that is a no-no, so I didn't, but I could NOT sleep in a bed that a dog peed all over.  So I began to clean it with the products the manufacturer gave us when we purchased the bed.  They worked, but not enough.  Then I had a bright idea, my carpet shampooer has been working phenomenally to clean up her piss spots, why not shampoo the mattress...STUPID!  You see with a pillow top mattress, the urine only gets spread around further and into bigger spots.  Nasty right!  I was to the verge where I was about to just go get a new mattress then I decided to do a search online for cleaning dog urine off a pillow top.  BINGO...hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.  I should have known this, I teach science, I know peroxide is a disinfecting agent and bleaches things and that baking soda is a deodorizer...DUH!

So off to the store I went and I purchased 4 gigantic bottles of peroxide, 4 boxes of baking soda and a squirt bottle (I am pretty sure the store thought I was purchasing stuff for a meth lab or a murder clean up...ehh whatever!).  I went home and soaked our bed in peroxide and I mean soaked.  There was not going to be a centimeter of that mattress that was not disinfected and bleached.  Then with the soaked mattress, I spread out the baking soda.  I left this sit ALL NIGHT and I slept on my nice clean couch with my nice clean blanket and pillow!  I woke up this morning and knew I needed to vacuum my mattress to get the excess baking soda off and so I went to work.  This took well over an hour because my dumb ass put the baking soda on WET peroxide so I had to scrub the particles free from my beautiful mattress.  Needless to say IT WORKED!  My mattress looks all brand new, completely shiny and white and the dog urine smell is all gone!  I learned that I need to let the peroxide dry before doing the baking soda, but Mia is NEVER getting on my bed again so hopefully I will not have to do that every again.

Needless to say, I still love my dog, the peeing is getting better and I am going to buy stock in peroxide, baking soda and doggie diapers!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lazy Summer

So week 3 of summer is here!  It has gone by WAY to quickly and I have done almost nothing on my "to do during summer list."  Instead I have been enjoying my child and playing with him and laughing with him and just loving him even more.  So below are just a few pictures I took highlighting some of the fun my kiddo and I have.

Picture 1:  Eyan LOVES to go through my old VHS tapes and open them and take the videos out then close them and whack the dogs and or me with these empty covers.  You also see some awesome dog toys.  He LOVES playing with the dogs and taking their toys to them and surprisingly he likes when they play tug-o-war with him and he falls.  My kid is a glutton for punishment!  Regardless, these two things are a daily occurrence in my house.

Picture 2:  I have spent a lot of my summer just snuggling up to my ninja and sleeping.  With my hubby working graveyards I don't sleep very well so when Eyan decides he wants a nap I have been cuddling with him and taking little naps.  Sleeping babies are a beautiful thing, being caught up on sleep helps mommies feel more beautiful and that is always a motivator to get more accomplished.

Picture 3:  A big thing in our house is to put toys (dog or human) on our head and laugh and laugh until it falls off.  Here Eyan has "decorated" his aunt with a scarf from a dog toy.  See how they both are laughing.  Most of the time the simple things can make him the happiest.  I love playing this game!

I have really taken a lot more pictures, but I keep forgetting to upload them on photobucket and am currently blogging away from my home computer.  I will keep updating you on our summer fun.  I am positive a zoo trip is coming and my aunt Jerica's wedding will be an awesome experience.

Have a great summer!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


So on April 22, 2011 my beautiful baby boy took his first independent steps.  It was awesome.  We were at Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa's house and Eyan just began walking all around their house.  I was so enthralled and in awe of how much my little guy accomplishes and how exciting it was for everyone.

Little did I realize that all those pieces of advice I would get about him walking was going to hit me over the next few weeks.

Advice Tid-Bit #1:  Baby Proof NOW!--Jason and I were kinda up on this.  We had put those electrical plug covers in, did the baby gate thing, cupboard locks and made sure all those sharp corners were covered with these stupid plastic things that did not work.  Eyan preferred to chew on them and we sort of gave up on the corner protectors.  I was following him around and making sure that he did not hit that precious little head on any sharp corners.  That works great around my house...not so great at Grandma & Grandpa's...at their house, he tripped over the dog and landed square on the sharpest coffee table corner EVER!

Exhibit A:  Check out the AMAZING bump in the top-center of my beautiful babies forehead!  

Advice Tid-Bit #2: Never take your Eyes off them!--Yeah you would totally figure after exhibit A that I would be on my little mommy game...WRONG!  The last few weeks of any teachers school year are exhausting and mine was no exception.  As I was hanging out on the couch being lazy, Eyan and the dogs were just playing and playing and playing.  Eyan was right in between them, they both moved, spun him around and WHACK there was the most terrible looking bleeding-black eye I have ever seen on a baby.

Exhibit B, C & D: Nice Shiner!  He really makes it look like I beat him in the second one.

There were a ton more pieces of advice I received when the ninja began his walking skills, and I am sure as he continues to show me who is really in control I will remember them.  As of right now we have only managed to see two of those tid-bits materialize.  I really hope I don't see anymore, I can't bare to see my little man in pain.  Also those damn old ladies in Target need to chill.  I DON'T BEAT MY KID...he is good at doing that all by himself.

It's interesting how one tiny human can change the dynamic of a life that took years for a person to get the hang of.  Regardless of the falls, bumps, bruises and challenges we face; that face, that beautiful, perfect, amazing face is all I need to remind me that although I might not be mom of the year every second of the day, I have my awesome moments and to him I couldn't be any better...well at least until he is 15 then I am totally going to suck.

Exhibit E:  All healed and happy!