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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012...Some Goals

Happiest of New Years to everyone. I have always been a person who based my year off of how well New Years Eve and New Years Day went. This year I have decided that your year, life or destiny cannot be based on just one or two days. I have a good life, scratch that I HAVE A GREAT LIFE! So although yesterday was pretty uneventful and I am still battling coldzilla and my kiddo is sick and the inevitable miscarriage is still "inevitable," I am thankful. I have a wonderful husband, the cutest little ninja son, two bratty dogs, a house, three cars, a camper, four-wheeler and money in the bank. Truthfully the material things are nice, but in reality what makes me so thankful for everything is the love that has surrounded myself and my family through what can only be called the "year of loss."

I have found a new interest in Pinterest! I am going to continue to set goals for myself, as I always have, and in using the idea wonderland known as Pinterest, I am going to share those goals with you in pictures.

1. Be Optimistic. Look for the good in things, be positive and let God handle the stress.

2. Try some new recipes. Tonight we are having these chicken enchilada things.

3. Do this Challenge. Because I want too!!!