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Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas...Finally! (Photo dump)

With everything being so crazy and being a little depressed over all this, I just finally got around to uploading the Christmas pictures.

Christmas was very nice.  Jason and I were able to budget very nicely for Eyan's gifts and many of my families and his and still have a very nice Christmas.  We planned back in August to spend $50.00 per month on gifts for him.  So he had a ton of stuff to open and in reality we only spent about $200.00 total on him which is pretty good for us.

So here is my amazing photo dump of Christmas.

Christmas Eve opening PJ's with daddy
Ready for Santa to come all dressed in our Christmas PJ's
Christmas Morning!  A little tired, but SANTA came!
Santa didn't forget our first born: Mia got her favorite toy!
Or our second: Lily stole the rest of the toys!
Happy puppies on Christmas Day!
Ready to tear into the Santa present!
Santa makes presents look pretty
Taking the paper's a car!!!
Onto the Melissa & Doug Block train.  Eyan loves this 
First DVD's
He really liked opening clothes 
Color Wonder!!!
The awesome Cozy Coupe!  

We have a Christmas tradition that Jason and I have done for the past few years.  We spread his mom's ashes up in the mountains just a short drive away and since then we have went up to visit her.  We load up the whole family and go for a nice drive.  It was awesome this year, but so cold so we did not get out, but we did get to see some great wildlife!
Mia & Eyan on the ride up there.
Beautiful Elk 
The Bison herd!  

With everything going on Christmas was a bit somber, but we still had a very nice time spending it with each other.