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Monday, January 2, 2012

HiHoHiHo it is back to work I go.

My winter break was far from from relaxing, full of stress, but nonetheless it was a great time off with my family. Let's talk highlights, since we know all about the crappy parts.

1. 17 full days off with Eyan! It was awesome to play and talk and laugh with no worries of work.

2. Christmas!!! Eyan did great this year opening gifts. He unwrapped them like a pro and just was so happy. He got some awesome toys and as soon as my computer gets fixed I will upload some photos. (if you haven't noticed I've been blogging from my phone).

3. New years has already proven to be better. My terrible cold is moving on I think, my kid managed to sleep pretty good the last couple nights, and I got all of Christmas put away on the inside of the house.

I honestly am not ready for Christmas vacation to end, but I know that in 5 short months I will be enjoying some much needed time off with my family again.