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Monday, January 30, 2012

My kid needed a haircut.

Aint that the truth!

I was just skimming through some of the pictures on my camera and am so glad that we finally cut Eyan's hair.  His hair grows so fast and it is just amazing to me how much we have to cut off each time, just so his hair isn't all crazy!

Here are some picts of the mop of hair my monster grows!
Nice faces...but seriously the hair???

It's like a baby mullet

Now you see it, business in the front...

He is pointing to his ponza (tummy), but check out his hair, so long in the back!

Oh Well, He is sure cute with that long mop!

I forgot to take a picture of his haircut.  If you check out the pics from yesterday, you can see the haircut.  He looks like a little boy and it is SO much easier to take care of and wash his hair when it is short.

Have a nice Monday!