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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Still waiting

Told you that I would keep you updated, at this point I have been "pregnant" for 10 weeks, with a fetus in "demise" for 4 of those weeks. I am SO ready for this whole situation to be over so I can move on and heal, but I don't see an end in sight. On January 18 I go in for my "12 week" appt and I am hopeful that they will agree to do a D&C if nothing has happened by then.

So weird to be hopeful for something like this. Feels anti-human, but I think if you were in my shoes and realized how much more emotional pain it is to know that you have created a life that has/is dying and is suffering and fighting is extremely heart wrenching!

Emotionally I am doing much better, I have faith in God's plan and know that Jason and I are already extremely blessed to have Eyan. So that is my focus, HE is my focus, and I LOVE every minute I spend with him.

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  1. It's terrifying to go through these first few months of pregnancy. I'm terrified to go in and find something is wrong to. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that God fills you with his strength to handle everything he gives you.


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