Monday, February 27, 2012


Betcha didn't know that!

I have been scrapbooking like crazy for about 6-7 years.  In that time I have done about 8 albums.  I did a book for myself from age 0-21, a book for my sister for her graduation from 0-18, a wedding album for my parents 25th wedding anniversary, Eyans baby book, our wedding, our honeymoon, a cheerleading album for one of my teams, and I am working on an album for Jason and his childhood.  I just freaking adore it.  So I though I would share with you some of my favorite pages from Eyans book.  Maybe later on I will post some of my wedding & honeymoon albums.

Page 1:  I love this page for many reasons, first is because I just got a cricket and this was the first page I used it on!  Second, it because these pictures are so emotional for me to look at.  In one my hubby is crying and the other is the 1st time I really got to hold him!  Third is because both Jason and I wrote Eyan a note about our wishes for him and his future.  So touching to read this!

Page 2: I love this page because it encompasses the idea of "scrap" booking.  I took a gift bag that someone gave us and cut it up and used it as the page.  The area with his name is from the bag as are the four different colored squares with the hands and feet.  I also added his birth announcement from the paper, the one that we ordered and sent to immediate family as well as a penny from the year he was born and some history from the day he was born.  

Page 3:  This page is extremely emotional for me.  It has Eyan with every single grandparent & great-grandparent and great-great grandparent that I or Jason has known!  If you look at the picture on the left at the top you can see Eyan sitting up next to a frame.  That is Jason's mom in that picture.  She died right before we found out we were pregnant with him and I just cherish these pictures because I really feel like she was right there with us when we were taking them. Just diagonal to that is Eyan and his great-great grandmother.  She waited for Eyan and my cousin to be born and was just so excited to see these babies.  She past away in late 2010 and I know that Eyan and my cousin were just the light of her life towards the end.  I cherish the fact that Eyan will be able to look at this page one day and know that each one of his grandparents loved him even if he doesn't remember meeting them.

I love coming up with new page ideas and coordinating pages!  Is this your interest too?  Post some pics, lets exchange some ideas!

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