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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I need...help

Yesterday was the longest day I have had in a long time. I worked until almost 5:00 pm and was exhausted. Thankfully my husband made a delicious dinner and Eyan decided that bedtime was 5:30!!! Yeah I know and the beautiful baby slept through the entire night! No joke he must have been exhausted.

As I was holding my little boy last night and just snuggling up I was thinking that I have been slacking lately on picture taking. I also feel like I always take the same pictures. We are usually at home and he is usually playing with toys, the dogs or big boy tools. Or I am taking pictures of his crazy hair and silly faces. We just don't get out a lot it seems. That's really not the truth! We are always running but not always for things for him. So I also decided I need more ideas for kid activities his age.

Any help mommies???