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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm sure people think I beat him

Oh geeze! I obviously don't beat my child, but occasionally he abuses himself with my stupid help. Take Saturday for example, mommy decided not to buckle Eyan into his crappy umbrella stroller because we were only going about 15 yards to the next animal exhibit where he of course would want out to see better. So off we walked when my smart baby boy decided for some reason to walk right out of his stroller! Face first into the concrete in his snow suit. Ugh! Skinned up nose, tears...staple "Worst Mom of the Day" into my heart!

Sunday I went to pick Eyan up and he decided he wanted to play the flip over game in the kitchen on the tile floor. I missed his idea and off of my chest he kicks over and I being already awarded "Worst mom of the Day," earn the next award up, as I managed to accidentally drop him straight on his back with his head whip lashing onto the tile floors. "Worst Mom of the Week" has now been claimed ladies.

So with a sore nose and a sore head/back/neck I woke up every few hours just to wake him up and make him talk to me about whatever I could get him to say. Ugh! I hate when my baby is hurt, I worry about him all the time.

Anyway here is a sad little picture of Eyans poor skinned up nose! It's all better now and he is off vacuuming the house happily as we speak! Happy Thursday!!!!