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Sunday, February 19, 2012

ID Theft?

Recently I was reading Facebook and saw a post from a good family friend about the need for all parents to start checking their kids credit report.  What I found out was that her barely college age daughter had her identity stolen when she was a young kid and now she is fighting to get her identity back.  Another lady posted that her daughter had 3 mortgages taken out in her name, the first one when she was 8 years old!  I was baffled by this.  My family friend contacted me and asked me to blog about this and I was so willing to share this with all my mommy readers.  We all have so much on our minds that the last thing is our child's credit reports.

I had planned on writing this about a week ago and it slipped my mind...see how easy that happens!  Well yesterday as I was getting all my tax information together, I went online to check our bank account and low and behold some a--hole snagged my husbands debit card number (not the card) along with his pin!  I was LIVID!  My mom used to manage a bank and has always advised us NEVER to use our pin numbers unless we are at our banks ATM, because people can easily steal your pin number and card number.  I immediately harassed my husband about what he was spending money on and where he withdrew the money from.  After a lengthy interrogation I realized that my hubby hardly ever remembers his pin number and often has to take my debit card to get money.  I also realized that he was at work when the transactions took place.  There was just no way he could have spent the money since he cannot leave his job for security reasons.  I called the bank and they temporarily shut down our cards and locked our account which means that until Tuesday or Wednesday we will not have access to any of our money...this also means that a few of our major bills will for the first time ever BOUNCE!  I am so freaking stressed but I was told not to contact those companies so I am following directions.

So anyway this brought the whole credit report issue to the forefront in our household again.  Tonight I finally got a chance to run our credit reports.  Everything looks okay right now, let's just hope that it stays this way.  I also tried to run Eyan's report to see if there was anything to be concerned about and much to my surprise/naivety I was unable to pull his out came the google research!  I came across an excellent video/article about when to access your child's credit report and how to do it.  I HIGHLY recommend you take 5 minutes and read this article on MSNBC.  I am going to wait a couple years before I write the company to get any information on Eyan, because I do not feel like Eyan meets any of the qualifications for me to be concerned.  The qualifications can be found HERE.

I hope that many of you take these articles to heart and keep them in the back of your mind throughout your children's 18 years at home.  I know I will.  Also, I apologize for not being the best writer this evening.  I am very tired and wrecked my kid not once but twice this weekend so emotionally I am spent.  More on this later.