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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Laughs of the week!

Teaming up with for this weeks top 5 Saturday laughs!!!

I love this blog hop! So here we go!

1. Monday we got a little more snow added to are already foot from the last storm. I drive a big beautiful Tahoe with new tires and four wheel drive. So the roads were not terrible for me that morning. For the teenage boy driving the 94 Honda Accord on bald tires they were. I'm betting that if he would have looked left before running into the steel stepping boards of my truck he wouldn't have had to use the excuse " I lost traction". I laughed at the poor kid as my truck had basically a scuff mark and his car was beat and said next time don't gas it into the large SUV. He said "I'm so glad your not pissed, you look like you would have kicked my ass if you were!" I said no this is just my teacher face. ;)

2. I got home from parent teacher conferences this week and proceeded to try to convince Eyan to get ready for bed. He looks at me and says, "No...I'm vacuuming." Jason and I busted up laughing!

3. After getting Eyan out of the bathtub last night he escaped from me and decided to run around his room butt naked, and then peed on the floor. He tells me it's "poop." Potty training might be difficult if this is what pooping is.

4. I had a wonderful parent teacher conferences, all of the parents were complementing me on what a great job I am doing, how great my class website is, and how I am their child's favorite teacher! Those things are great to hear, but the best comment was, "oh, I did not expect you to be a woman, Funk sounds like a mans name!" I just laughed, apparently the dad forgot we have first names too!

5. Best student question this week, "Mrs. Funk, if sperm is in the ocean, can I get pregnant with like a whale baby?"! Same student, "good because I'm a midget and whales scare me!" I just about peed my pants laughing! We live in Colorado it is 20 degrees out and my little student is scared of getting pregnant with a whale!!! My lord!

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  1. I can't stop laughing about the whale thing - priceless!!! You can't make that kind of thing up! And "teacher face" - love that, too!
    I stopped by from the Top 5 Laughs hop - glad you linked up!

  2. I love that you love this! Before, I comment- I am friends with Censie and she was telling me about your giveaway and such. I told her that you were an awesome blogger and she was excited that we "found" each other. I never knew you guys were friends:) Now, onto your laughs: Lol- this is my teacher face. My mom, who is a teacher, would have probably had the same expression. I'm vacuuming-lol:) The whale laugh is hysterical. Oh no, getting pregnant with a whale. Love your laughs every week and so glad you enjoy writing them as much as I enjoy reading them:)

  3. We just got our first snow and it melted within two hours, so I'm a little jealous of you! I LOVE that someone else has the "teacher face" and laughed OUT LOUD when the kid said you looked like you would have kicked his ass--SO GREAT! And then, so great that you DIDN'T! The potty training comment was priceless and...well, I just LOVED your laughs--I guess we can leave it at that! I found you on the weekend blog hop and hope if you follow back that I am HALF as entertaining as you are!


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