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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Little Monkey Bizness Fun

My friend Censie over at Building Our Story and also my February sponsor, wrote several months about a great Denver business called Little Monkey Bizness! I took Eyan and a friend to this place a few months ago and they had a great time but Eyan was not quite ready and walking well enough to enjoy the bigger and more exciting toys.

Fast forward to Saturday and Eyan and I had a mommy and me day. We went to Little Monkey Bizness and although it was super packed and probably over capacity with all the adults, Eyan had a great time playing and sliding and chasing other kids. We did have an incident where my beautiful baby boy gave another kid a slight nudge down a slide and had his first play place apology, but other than that Eyan was polite and wonderful.

Things that I love about this place is that you only pay for your child! $5.00 for under 1 and $9.00 for 1 and over! I like that parents can get on most of the equipment with their children and play right along! I like the arts and crafts room, Eyan has painted us a great picture and made his daddy a cute card. I don't drink coffee but they offer Seattles Best Coffee and free wifi.

Things that could use improvement. 1. On a snowy day there is not really any place to put all your winter apparel. 2. I am almost positive they were over capacity. 3. Many parents did not keep an eye on their children and again I resorted to my teacher face and voice on several kids that were being mean and aggressive to others. I get that we all need a break but come on people watch your damn children!

Ok so here are some pictures!

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  1. WE love this place! Especially that you do not have to pay for the adults! Only the kiddos! So much fun!!


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