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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My First Toddler Review

So I did a little poll on my Blogs Facebook page and although only 2 people responded, I cherish their input and am answering back with a toddler review of products that we use constantly in our house!  I do have a TON of reviews for baby/nursing mama stuff, but right now we are in the toddler stage so I am starting here.

1. Sears Kidvantage Club!  Such a great way to keep your kids clothes nice and replace worn out clothes with no cost!  Check this out and sign up now!!!

2.  Fisher Price Drill Action Tool Set:  This is by far Eyan's favorite toy.  It is played with daily and I am confident that if I let him sleep with it, he would!  It is a fairly quiet toy which mommy and daddy love and is fun for him!
3. Closet maid cube organizers:  We LOVE these!  They make a toy box so much more classy and organized.  We currently have one in our living room, which eventually will be moved downstairs when the playroom/basement is finished and we also bought the one below for Eyan's room once we move the changing table out and convert his bed to a toddler bed.  I hate the tacky kids toolboxes and this one is so much nicer.  Now if I could get the 4 wheeler, cozy coupe car, scooter and kiddie couch out of my living room and into the playroom I would be SO much more happy!

4. Aveeno:  My kid has the 3 most common and fully related health related issues; Asthma, Eczema & Allergies!  Yay Us!  Frequently Eyan gets super dry skin right on the top of his booty and on his face.  We recently started using Aveeno to help with the itchy Eczema and it has been great!  It makes him stop itching and along with his prescription medicine it helps to quickly clear up the rash.  

The next set of review items all center around bedtime in our house.  At this point it is probably relevant to tell you that Eyan does not consistently sleep through the night, he still wakes up and needs me to rock, talk, get milk and scare monsters at least 4 times a week.  He usually only gets up 1-2 times a night, but for the first year it was 4-6 times a night.  So the following products are things that help us sleep better. 

5.  A sound machine:  Our neighbors to the southeast of us are drug addicts and alcoholics and are consistently playing their music so loud and partying so hard that I can sing the lyrics to their music in my sleep.  The cops around here are worthless, so I have resorted to other methods to drown out the crazy sound.  This is a God send and Eyan does not sleep well without it on.  It drowns out the idiots and creates a very peaceful calm in his room. 

6. The Mighty Grip Sippy Cup:  This is the only cup Eyan will drink from to go to sleep.  Yes I broke bottles but I am not ready to fight the fight of no milk at night.  Don't judge, just deal.  What works for one does not work for all.  Eyan loves this cup probably because the handles are easy to hold onto, the spout is slow flow and it is soft.

7. Huggies Overnights:  So now that I have confessed to still getting up at night and providing my kid with whatever he wants including milk you can imagine the massive diapers he can wake up with.  Well after a month of him waking up soaking wet and having to wash and sterilize his bedding and bed (because I am that OCD!) we decided to try these diapers and let me tell you how freaking awesome they are!  Eyan has not even woke up 1 time soaked through.  Best $20.00 I have spent on diapers!


  1. Great reviews! I MUST buy that little tool set for Logan -- he's LOVE it! :)

  2. We love the huggies overnight too! The only ones that have worked for Jude!! Cant wait to see more of your reviews to come - we are right behind you so I want to know what you like!! ;)

  3. Terrific reviews. Zane would love that tool set! We love huggies overnights too!


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