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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Silly's! Blog Hop

Linking up with my favorite Hop Hostess, The Mommyhood Chronicles for her weekly Top 5 Saturday Laughs!

I am not entirely sure that I have 5 laughs to share, but I am going to try.  This week has been busy, somewhat reflective and emotional so I think I spent a lot of time sleeping and cooking and not as much time laughing.  We will work on that this week.

1.  My kid has dancing skills.  Apparently his dad taught him to say "Bow Chica Wow Wow" and dance all at once!  It is so damn cute, I cannot help but smile and laugh a bit.  I will upload the video later this week of him going to town singing and dancing.

2. My kid likes to cuss.  Ugh, I know I promised I would work on this, and I have...Grandma however has not.  My mom likes to pretend she owns the roads when she drives and yells at other drivers.  Guess this weeks road rage word was "Drive Fuckers!"  Eyan jumped in on the backseat driving as well and responded with those exact words when he was with Jen (his babysitter) yesterday!   I had to call grandma and tell her that she HAS TO watch her language.  Also to top it off when I told Eyan, "No bad words,"  He responded with "Damnet!"  I am so screwed.

3. My kid is accident prone:  Today we went to the zoo.  Sometime between me getting in the shower and 10 minutes later he got a small cut in the side of his eye.  That was minor, the #momfail at the zoo was me not re-buckling my kid into the crappy umbrella stroller so he could promptly stand up as we were rolling down the walkway and hit nose first on the concrete wasn't so minor.  It's not super funny but just imagine a little boy with a skinned up nose, cut eye corner and a mommy trying to kiss it and make it all better all while he is screaming and saying NO MOMMY!  Can we say hott mess?

4.  Sh*t my students say: "So what would have happen if Hitler had an African American baby?"  My response, "Go to the deans office!"  You would be amazed at the thoughts going through their heads as I am explaining genetics and heredity.  

5.  My mom said something really funny this past week, that made me think that I needed to put that in my laughs post and of course as I am writing this, I cannot remember.  So I will edit this at a later time when I do remember.  I was epic!
**EDIT** My kid went after my parents dog Duke who is a 6 year old Yellow Lab and is just as handsome as can be!  He does however have an allergy issue which breaks out very random areas and inflames his butthole!  Eyan went to grab Dukes tail and my mom said, "watch out that will swallow you up, he can fit Jupiter in there!"  I about spit soda out of my nose laughing so hard!



  1. THanks for the compliment. I always look forward to your laughs! You must get video of this of him dancing and saying Bow Chica Wow wow! Too cute!The cursing is funny! I can't help but laugh!Can I laugh at him getting bruised. I truly think it is a boy thing. Zane is showing some signs of this as well! Your students are hoots! Hope you have a fanastic weekend. Love your laughs!

  2. Daddy's teach them to say the funniest things!! I sooo have road rage and have to watch what I say as well. I know it shouldn't be but the cursing is funny! I am a new follower from Sat. Top Five!!

  3. Number 2 is hilarious! It burst me into really really laugh! Found you from Mommy chronicles linky :)


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