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Friday, February 10, 2012

Shoot! The kid likes Football...

...and Madonna!

When mommy cooks, we eat at the table as a family...except when the Super Bowl is on.  In this case I spread out this awesome mat that Eyan's friend Christie gave him and allowed him (and daddy) to eat in the living room so as to not miss a moment of the game!  I don't really like football, but I love the halftime show.

Eyan seriously sat and watched the last part of the 2nd quarter, the entire 1/2 time show and part of the 3rd quarter on that mat and happily ate my homemade pizza and delicious salad.  It was super cute, see for yourself.
Eyan eating and watching the game.
Dancing to Madonna...yeah DON'T tell my dad ;)
Eating and watching more of the commentary

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