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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


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Now onto the Fun!
I should tell you that my family owns roller skating rinks and that it is a huge joke in our family that we all come out wearing skates when were born.  Eyan was no exception.  At 4 months we put him on skates and by 6 months we were walking him on skates (with a lot of help.)  So it should be no surprise that at 22 months my kid can skate on his own and ENJOYS it!

Sunday Eyan and I went skating at one of our rinks and Eyan had a blast hanging with his cousin Caleb.  Check out my crazy skating ninja!

Skating by himself
Playing games on skates!
Eyan and Caleb
Watching the lights
Happy skating boys!

Sorry about the lag in blogging.  I was exhausted and was in bed early the last couple of nights. 
Happy Valentines Day!