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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: I want another one NOW!

First of all, Thank You to everyone that entered my 100th post Boogie Wipes Giveaway!  A winner was announced on the Rafflecopter where you entered, so go check if you won!!!

Now to the meat of my Thursday Thoughts.  As you may or may not know 3 weeks ago after a good 2 month wait I finally miscarried my precious angel baby.  It was tough both emotionally and physically and I am still healing from this loss.  I was excited to be a mommy again, to be pregnant and cute again, to wear those comfy clothes, find out the sex, decorate the nursery, document the pregnancy on the blog, but MOST of all to share another part of my heart with a new baby!  Now this is all I can think about...and it is driving me crazy.  I have a ton of "what ifs" going through my head and I have been trying to rationalize ALL of these!

I want another child, but I want a healthy child and and healthy pregnancy (to read about my pregnancy/delivery with Eyan go HERE).  So I sit and I wonder, is my poor little body ready for another pregnancy so quickly?  Am I emotionally ready?  Are we actually financially ready?  If I did get pregnant again would this pregnancy lead to yet another miscarriage?  Do I do the blood testing to see IF anything is actually wrong? The list goes on and on.


So I open up my comments and my heart to my readers in hope that some of you can share your insight.


  1. Hey chica - I totally understand! Nate and I had Taylor in 2004 and everything went amazingly!! We wanted another too so the journey began. We tried and tried with no success! Then FINALLY in 2006 I got pregnant...I was beyond excited. But, only 8 weeks in, I mis-carried my little angel!! It was the hardest thing I had ever had to deal with! But...we were not ready to give up!! Not 2 months later...we were pregnant again...YAY!! Things were great and everything felt normal. But for reasons out of my control, we mis-carried again at 16 weeks. I had to go through unbelieveable things to end it all. The emotions were never so hard! We did tests and nothing seemed wrong. HOWEVER, I was not in the "most healthy" state with my body and eating habits so my doctor reccommended that I try a diet and excercise program for a couple of months as well as take some great vitamins. I was shocked at the weight I lost and how much better I felt. We decided to give it one more try (with the agreement between Nate and myself that if it did not work this time, that I was not trying again...I could not emotionally handle it). We got pregnant in May of 2007 and things were rough. Tons of doctors visits, blood tests, stress tests. It was a roller coaster. About 8 weeks in, I went to the doctor for a test and the results came back that I was not carrying the baby properly and my doctor told me to "expect to miscarry this weekend". WOW - I have never cried so hard and just wanted to die!! It was a horrible feeling knowing that it was all happening again!! I got this news on a Friday night and I suffered ALL WEEKEND with thoughts of losing yet another baby! Worst time of my life for sure! Monday we went to the doctor to have an ultrsound and see what was going on! But.....a miracle occured for sure...she was fine, healthly, growing, moving...the heart beat was great! And my fears were gone...I knew from that moment on that we were bringing this little bundled of joy into out lives!! Sure enough, february 15th of 2008 we welcomed little Sami Rose to our family and I have never looked back!! Don't give up and if truly believe you want another little on in your life! Get the tests done and work to make YOU healthier and happier...and I truly believe that you will be a new mommy again! Lots of love!


  2. You should NEVER give up on something if you want it. There are so many ways to "get pregnant" and stay pregnant. Find the right doctors and they will make it happen. From the medical point of view, do the tests, find out what is going on. It may be something simple like low progesterone. I have low progesterone levels which cause miscarriage. I have to take suppositories in order to keep a pregnancy until the placenta takes over. If you want it bad enough, then you need to fight for it. It will be that much more worth it when it happens. IT WILL HAPPEN!!! Keep the faith up. You can do this.

    Janelle Howard

  3. Hey Sweetie! I'm the prime example of trying again and succeeding. After our loss at 28 weeks we were told to wait. The advice was to wait the number of weeks you were pregnant the first time, allowing your body and mind to heal - I was one month shy of that time line with my rainbow baby and it was rough, but worth it. No matter when you concieve, psychologically it SUCKS! Just stay strong and let it happen when it is meant to happen.
    Hugs! Amy

  4. I never went through a loss or a scare but I will tell you that I hear plenty of stories of people succeeding after this. If you really want to do it, I would say to go for it. If it is meant to happen, it will. This is a beautiful post and I hope you get some good advice. I would just keep your chin up and everything will happen as it is meant too.


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