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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So the other night as I was skimming through Pinterest, I saw this little funny: 

Now there are a couple things you should know about me regarding this:

1. I freak out about the world ending and not getting to see Eyan grow up or even worse being separated from him during the event and not holding him and comforting him as it happens.  Yes, morbid I know, but again, I freak out.

2.  I am completely aware that my irrational fears of the worlds end are just that, irrational.

So with both of those stated, this little funny gave me some calm and rationalized my fears a bit for me. It made sense to me that since we operate on a roman calendar with leap years that the 2012 projected date from the Mayans would not work.  

Todays topic for Toddle Along Tuesday is something you hope your baby gets (or doesn't get) from you.  This irrational fear junk is definitely something I hope Eyan doesn't get.  


  1. I COMPLETELY understand your doomsday fear! I worry about that too. Unfortunately I am a Christian and although the Mayans may be wrong about the date, I still believe the world WILL end and although I know I should be excited for eternity, I want to see my babies grow up! I keep praying for at least another 20 years! :)

  2. oh my goodness.. I have the exact same fears! I am right there with you!


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