Friday, March 2, 2012


So today I am showing a movie in my Biology and Chemistry classes.  Biology is watching Gattaca and Chemistry is watching October Sky.  I am not used to watching movies.  At my old school this was extremely frowned upon and not allowed.  We could show SHORT EDUCATIONAL video clips and that was it.  So this is a bit of a treat.

Next week our students begin the TCAP which is our state testing program.  I will only see my students a total of 1.5 hours next week.  So naturally the rest of my colleagues are showing these videos, so I will too!  But I am SO BORED!  I am caught up on grading, and shoot the quiz that they are taking right now I will grade and return before the class is even over in 40 minutes.  I have nothing to do.  No lessons to plan for biology for a month (because we are literally that planned out, handouts and everything!), nothing to plan for chemistry either.  So what do I do?

I decided to blog.  I really have nothing to talk about, so here are a couple random thoughts.

1. My kid has been injury free for a whole day!  No seriously this is a miracle.
2. Neighbor Lady had Baby J and I am already in love!  He is adorable, just like her other 2!
3. I am currently watching a kid stuff all sorts of food wrappers into a rather large arrowhead water bottle...kind of interesting how much crap can fit in there.

That is...pretty crappy blogging today, sorry ya'll!

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  1. I know the bored thing! I remember oh so well taking these classes! That is great about being injury free- that is a good week:) So cute. new baby!


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