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Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Top 5 Laughs!

I missed last week so I've got some catching up to do!  I am linking up again with my favorite BlogHop!  "Hop" on over if you want to link up too!

Here Goes!

1. I have been debating a good time to take Eyan to the actual movie theater.  I decided that we should first try out a movie at home and see if he could sit for that long.  So we watched "UP" last night and my kid loved it...except the part at the end where the bad guy shoots the balloons and then later the house floats away.  He cried for those balloons!  I just loved it...silly ninja!

2. My 8th hour upperclassmen Chemistry class is getting a little wild.  So after trying for a good 10 minutes to have a little silence when I am trying to explain reaction types, I finally sat down and began flipping through the PowerPoint without talking.  The class became silent, so then I asked, "Why is it when I stop talking so do you, but when I start talking, so do you?"  After a good 5 minutes more in silence, one kid says, "It's because we are so dumb we think you can't hear us since you are so loud."  I just looked at him and laughed...I am the teacher they can hear all the way down the hall. 

3. I believe that we have created a monster.  When Eyan was 8 weeks old we went on our annual 4-wheeling and camping trip, a year later (14 months) we went again.  We took him on the 4-wheelers at 14 months through the trails and he was so relaxed, he fell asleep strapped to my dad on those easy trails.  So when we went to Bass Pro Shops and saw the adorable camo Power Wheels 4-Wheeler, we just had to buy it for Christmas.  Since then, Eyan has been OBSESSED with riding the 4-wheeler.  He says it so cute too, i'll have to get a video.  Well when I came home on Thursday, Eyan and I pulled into the garage and his daddies 4-wheeler was right there so Eyan looked at me and said "ride it 4-whhheela today? peas?"  So off all 3 of us went through our nice little neighborhood, all white trashy like riding that 4-wheeler.  Some of the neighborhood folks gave us some pretty awesome looks as Eyan was smashed between me and Jason but he was just loving it!  He told his daddy "be careful, Go faster!"  We might need to clear up what be careful means!  

4. We were driving earlier this week and the song, "I'm Sexy and I Know It," came on.  Eyan started to bust a move as best he could in his car seat!  His little arms were going crazy!

5.  The weather has been so beautiful here in Colorado!  Spring has ALMOST sprung!  We bought a smaller umbrella stroller that has storage and is a lot more comfortable for Eyan than the crappy $15.00 one we had been using.  So we have been taking walks after dinner.  Jason decided that taking the dogs is a great idea.  I don't mind because I have the baby so its not me getting drug up and down the street.  My dogs are both about 60+lbs and extremely muscular.  Jason has to wrap their leashes around his wrists so tight and lean back to about a 45 degree angle to get some leverage on them!  It looks the time we have walked and they have pulled Jason for about a mile the dogs do relax a bit but my goodness they are some strong little monsters! 

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  1. YOu need to take him to the movies now... If he can watch it at home, he will love the big screen. I need to see video of the four wheeler- this is all sorts of awesome! I love that song too Eyan! I love your laughs. So cute! I always enjoy reading them!


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