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Monday, March 12, 2012

TAG! 11 Questions...about me!

So a great bloggy friend over at The Mommyhood Chronicles has tagged me in a fun little quiz.  The basics of it are that she has came up with 11 questions for me to answer and then I need to tag a couple other bloggy friends and come up with 11 questions for them to answer!

Here are my 11 questions to answer:

1. What is your favorite all time movie and television show? 
Oh I am in LOVE with Grey's Anatomy.  Give me McDreamy, McSteamy and any other Mc's with some crazy chicks that remind me of myself and I am hooked!  

2. What is your favorite season?
I live in Colorado...every season is my favorite...because we can get them at any point ;)  I love the summer because I have time off with my family and you just can't beat a fresh garden, green grass, and BBQing.  I love the Fall because its just warm enough to still wear flip flops but just brisk enough to really anticipate the winter.  I love the colors and when the aspens change it just puts me in awe every time.  I love the winter...I absolutely cannot wait for the first day of snow!  There is something peaceful about a city covered in snow.  I love the spring...fresh rain in the mountains is phenomenal!  I just can't pick one!

3. Coffee or tea?
Neither...I do not like caffeine, I enjoy and ice cold glass of water or apple juice. 

4. When did you start your blog and what is the focus of your blog?
Started my blog last April because I enjoy writing and at the time I just needed an outlet for all the thoughts running through my head.  I am the focus...and of course my ninja baby!

5. How did you come up with your kids names?
I was never one of those women who had my kids names picked out.  Even know I really have no clue what to name another kid.  Jason's mom died about 10 days before we found out we were pregnant with Eyan.  I could swear that she came to me in a dream and told me to name him Ian.  I wanted to put a "y" in his name because at one point Cheryl (Jason's mom) told me she had wanted to put a "y" in Jason's name but his dad wouldn't let her.  So to honor her I put a "y," but Iyan looked weird so then I put an E and it looked perfect and felt that way too!  His middle name is my dad's first name.  My dad always wanted boys and was elated when he found out we were having a boy so we honored him with that!

6. What is your favorite holiday?
By far Christmas!  I love family, food, and watching people be happy.  The lights are still magical and now with Eyan this holiday has taken on a new meaning!  

7. What was your favorite subject in school?
I don't remember ever having one.  I had favorite teachers, but school was easy.  I can tell you I HATED SCIENCE!  Go figure...I would end up LOVING it and teaching it to a new generation.  I think this is why I do my best to make my class the most fun, interesting and exciting class ever!

8. What is your favorite book?
Anything written by Dan Brown (wrote Angels & Demons and The DaVinci Code).  I love his style of writing and the mystery and history in his books. 
9. Cutest thing your kids has ever said or done?
I cannot pick one because I feel like everything he does is cute, but he has fallen on his booty a couple times pretty hard and then comes over and tells me to "Kiss it butt!"  I always laugh!

10. Are you a morning or night person?
Probably more of a night person, but with an early riser that controls my sleeping habits the mornings are becoming more appealing. 

11. Are you a SAHM, full time working mom, or part time working mom?
Full time working mom!  High School Science Teacher and I LOVE IT!

Now to tag a couple of my favorite bloggy friends! Of course, Censie over at Building Our Story,  Lacy over at Little Miss Nerd Girl and Sarah over at Nurse Loves Farmer.   

11 Questions for you lovelies!

1. What is the easiest recipe you make for your family?
2. What is your favorite dessert?
3. Which is better; Mani or Pedi?
4. Dog or Cat person?
5. How do you keep the spark alive in your relationship?
6. What is your favorite activity to do with your kid(s)?
7. What is most appealing to you about blogging?
8. Favorite reality TV show?
9. Dream job?
10. Favorite store to show for Jeans at?
11. iphone or android?