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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

Oh I am full of thoughts and I just need to take a brain dump...that is, I need to empty out my brain.  So here is a random snapshot of what is going through my mind.

1.  My kid hates me?  These tantrums with the hitting, biting, spitting, mean words and head butting are just killing me.  I am trying to focus on the positive with him, but my GOD is this kid testing me.  I will make it through this.

2.  If I wake up one more morning with our damn yellow lab in my freaking $2000.00 bed I am going to lose it!  We made her a super nice dog bed out of memory foam and she ate it...stay the heck of my bed Lily!

3. I am so ready to know if I will be renewed at my new school or not.  We got an email that the budget will be cut again and I am damn nervous that means that I will not have a job...I have been comforted by my principal and her very positive evaluations, but still if there is no money, I have no job :(

4. I need spring break to come soon because I have some serious cleaning to do.  The deep cleaning MUST happen or I am going to lose it!

5.  The hubby and I need to invest more time in our relationship.  We finally had a date night on Saturday and it was great!  I am trying to figure out our summer/spring break vacations so we can focus more on our relationship.  It is so nice to be just us sometimes.

6.  If I have to continue to look at the pile of kid toys in my living room I think I might begin trashing them.  He loves his toys, but they just don't belong in our living room.  We probably have like one more year of it before the basement is fully finished and his playroom is ready.  UGH!!!!

7. The hubby wants to sell his truck to by an older truck with more miles, a motorcycle and pay off those damn medical bills!  I let the idea stir for a while and now I am totally all about this.  I hope the buyer comes through!!!

8.  I would like to know how much we are going to owe on our taxes and just get this out of the way.  Best Friend Stacey is my accountant and is super busy this time of year, she does our taxes on the side which is great, but I am impatient.  Ehhh this is minor, I just want to see if we get any money back.

9. I am afraid to gain back the 20 lbs I just lost from the depression and flu.  So scared that I am weighing myself daily and watching every little thing that goes into my mouth (probably a great thing to do!)  Except for I ate FIVE yes FIVE mini candy bars (the little square ones), and made a cake and had a piece of that...oh crap...

10. My neighbor lady friend had her beautiful baby boy yesterday and I am just hoping that a little snuggle with him and talk with my friend will help offset my absolute obsession with having another baby so quickly.  My poor body needs to heal and I just need to find my happy place before I try and fix that portion of my heart by filling it with another baby.

I think thats it.