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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...Almost 2

Saturday marked 23 months that I have been a busy little mommy.  My little man is one month away from the big "2" and with that comes a lot of business.

1. The big 2nd birthday bash!  Last year we had over 70 people at Eyans 1st birthday.  We are so thankful for the friends and family that we have and we just love that Eyan brings just as much joy to our lives as he does to others.  However, 70 people was a bit much...the partygoers agreed!  So this year I made about 6 different versions of guest lists.  1 included only family, 1 was only little kids, 1 was a mix of very close friends and family, 1 was a 2 party option (one for friends and one for family) and the last was just cake and ice cream with mommy and daddy.  After much consideration I am confident that we have settled on the 2 party option.  This option is the best because Jason and I have HUGE families that are very supportive and that we WANT to share our ninja with and when we combine family with our awesome friends and their children (Eyans friends) the party is still to large for our house.  On top of it the date that we originally settled on is not good for a couple of the key players in Eyan's life, my dad (Papa) and Jason (Daddy).  So this option works out to be the best!

2.  I don't know if I am ready for a big boy?  I can't stop it, but he is so damn cute and still my baby.  With the big boy title comes big boy underwear, big boy games (which means less mommy time), and big boy attitude.  My baby is growing up and mama is sad :(

3. Now more than ever I want another baby.  Probably because mine is getting independent and I miss those nights nursing and snuggling up with my little infant and also because I want Eyan to have a sibling!  Someone needs to turn off those hormones that are making my uterus put a "For Rent" sign out.  Lets be real here, we are probably another year to two years off from this happening.  I still am not healed from my miscarriage and my body is all sorts of messed up from that.  Who knows if it could even happen and I am sure that as the terrible 2's continue to get worse I am going to rethink this thought. 

Got any ideas on any of my thoughts?


  1. I have to tell you that 2 was my all time favorite age. Sure it has its challenges but it truly is terrific! You will love it!

  2. PS- the what I am reading side is wrong. It is has me listed as blogspot. I am still Just switched to wp. Can you fix that?

    1. I can try. These are automatically added to my sidebar as I become their followers, I don't think the email feeds show up there, just GFC?


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