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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekly laughs

Linking up one again for my favorite blog hops!

Here goes:

1. Eyan loves 4-wheelers! The hubby's 4-wheeler is parked in the garage next to where my Tahoe parks. Everyday when we get home Eyan says, "ride it 4-wheeler, vroom vroom!" So cute.

2. The cuss word of the week was Damn! He must have got in trouble for saying it so when I picked him up from Jen's he told me, "don't say that...damn, don't say that." Why do bad words sounds so cute out of their mouths. It takes everything I have not to laugh.

3. My kids do a warm up everyday when them come into class, which means they have a question of the day they need to answer. They have a sheet with 10 spaces for warm ups which they filled up on Tuesday, and I forgot to have them turn in. So Wednesday when they came in the warm up was, "write your name on the sheet and turn it in." One of my straight A students comes in starts becoming very concerned because there was no place to write the warm up and she didn't want to miss out on any points. I tried to explain several times that all she needed to do was write her name on the paper and turn it in. She kept saying, there is no spaces left. Finally one of the other students takes her paper, writes the girls name on it and turns it in. The girl started laughing hysterically because she felt so dumb...we all laughed with her.

4. Eyan saw me weighing myself, and fell in love with the scale. So the last couple days he has been grabbing the scale, getting on it , watching the arrow move then jumping off yelling "pounds!" Silly kiddo.

5. My sisters step daughter is four. Eyan has a little power wheel 4-wheeler. My husband asked Alyia (step daughter) if she wanted to have a turn and ride. Alyia responds, "no it's too fast I'm afraid of heights!" Talk about two irrational kid fears. I just giggled she stayed completely serious.

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  1. AW!! I love your laughs this week. They are so cute! The 4wheelers- vroom..vroom- so cute! DId the student feel embarrassed? Haha- with the scale. Afraid of heights- starting early with that fear is good. At least, they won't crawl up on everything like z does already:) You made me laugh! I always look forward to reading your laughs! Thank you for that. Feel free to link up:) I am not sure I see you, but I can be wrong:) Have a nice weekend!


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