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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Laughs, Laughs, Laughs, Laughs, Laughs

Did you get the title?

Probably not because I am the only dork in the world that would think that was creative!  It is referring to my top "FIVE" laughs of this week!

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Here we go:

1.  While judging cheerleading tryouts for my old team the song "Teach me how to Dougie" comes on and I started reminiscing.  About what you say?  Oh the time I was out with a bunch of my roller derby friends and an African American Little Person taught me how to dougie.  No Joke!  So for the next 20 times that song played, I kept laughing about my "Dougie Education."  You have to picture it...freaking fantastic!  Sidenote:  Yes I played roller derby for about 4 years...Toxic T is the name and I keep forgetting to write a post about this, but here is a picture.
That's me in the blue
2. Oh dear my classes are beginning to see the light of summer.  This is not a good thing.  This week we are learning about the kingdoms and each day we focus on one of the 6 kingdoms.  Friday was bacteria.  We went around the school culturing bacteria and Monday we will look at all the nastiness we found!  Well of course my student asks me a question that is prefaced with "please don't laugh."  He says, "So bacteria break down my food?"  I say "yeah, so basically poop is just whatever the bacteria can't break down and well lots of nasty bacteria."  He says, "gross, so when someone farts they are spraying bacteria."  Me "Ummmm.....Ewww....Yeah."  Student, "I am never smelling farts again."  BAHAHAHAHAHA.

3. Reason number 65786768 that I should be awarded "Mom of the Year": My child can literally walk to the mini fridge at my parents house, grab a root beer and answer this question, "Eyan what are you drinking?'  His response, "I'm drinking that beer."  Yeah Beer...Root beer.  I have this on video, but I can't get it to upload...grrr!

EDIT:  Apparently editing my last 2 laughs on my phone caused them not to here they are:

4.  Remember Barney?  Yeah well I do and in my effort to impose some cleaning habits on my child we have been singing "clean up clean up everybody everywhere, clean up clean up everybody do your share."  Eyan LOVES this song, and has been singing it as he picks up random things.  So flippin cute!

5.  Friday night we attended a memorial for Jason's uncle.  It was very well done and I feel like his uncle would have enjoyed that party immensely.  However, I brought Eyan...why?  Oh because the last time we went to a funeral I didn't bring him and people kept asking why and told me I should I did.  BIG MISTAKE.  The memorial was at 7 pm (Eyan goes to bed at 8ish) at a golf course (see fancy schmancy) and my kid was the ONLY kid there (No one told us "no kids").  So he was bored and had no one to play with and everyone around him was sad.  So when we sat down for the eulogy, I decided that Eyan would probably be able to sit if I let him play angry birds on my phone...again STUPID!  As grandpa was giving the eulogy, Eyan kepts saying "birds fall down."  I finally had to scoop him up and take him in the hallway to watch Mickey Mouse on my phone.  People laughed at him, I was mortified, but reflecting back a bit, it was pretty cute.

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  1. That is awesome!! I love you even more that you played roller derby. How freaken awesome! The students and the poop/fart-lol. THe best is Eyan drinking a beer- I love it. GREAT LAUGHS!!! Come link it up:) Thanks for making me smile!


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