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Friday, April 27, 2012

Ouch Kid

I am starting to think my toddler beats me.

As I am typing this the top of my left hand is throbbing because my son decided to throw (see: fly) his wooden airplane at mommy and it smacked my hand and I have a significant lump on it now.  This is a regular occurrence in our house as of late.  He now thinks that kicking me in my stomach is funny when I am changing his diaper (Man I am over this!).  The other day he grabbed my finger and stuck it in his mouth and chomped down (yeah he is teething but those suckers were already through!).  He is really just starting to be mischievous and kicking my butt.

Yes we do all those interventions--time out, counting to 3, yes even a spanking here and there, but he still finds the time to beat me.  Ehh maybe I am being too sensitive, is it really a beating or is he just unsure of his strength?  Regardless, I still love him... Even when his is giving the "I'm about to whoop your ass" face.

This is the face...all because he had to go to the doctor.  You should see the beating I got ;)

Disclaimer:  This post was all in fun.  My kid really is not purposefully abusive. Happy Friday!


  1. Oh man, I hope you're able to stop getting beaten soon! ;)

  2. Me TOO! Thanks for the reply and for checking in :)


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