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Monday, April 30, 2012

Roller Derby Saves My Sanity

So I mentioned a few weeks back about how I played roller derby.  Played as in past tense.  In 2006 I joined a brand new league called the Denver Roller Dolls (well actually they were unnamed when I joined because they were so new and I was one of the first recruits!).  I learned the game of Roller Derby and skated with the Dolls until 2008 when I retired because I was newly married and at that time pregnant with my first baby (I later miscarried this one too).  I loved my time skating and adored the game of derby.  It was my release...for the most part.

Few people realize that the majority of roller derby leagues are skater owned and operated.  This means that skaters serve on committees and run the business of the league in addition to going to 3-4 practices a week and putting on bouts.  It is very time intensive and most of us derby gals akin it to a part-time job where our husbands become derby widows and we become elite athletes.

When I played derby, I skated on a home team called "The Bad Apples" and it was definitely my home!  I loved my team and had the great opportunity to even be the captain in my last season (in which we WON the championship!)  I also skated on the all-star travel team "The Mile High Club" and had the pleasure of playing some amazing teams around the country.  I wouldn't trade these days and experiences for the world and I often find myself desperately missing derby and the camaraderie.

Fast forward to last year.  After my retirement and the birth of my precious baby boy, I was sent and invite to try out a recreational no-commitment league called Detour Derby.   It was SO much fun to go hang out, do some drills and play an occasional derby bout for a great cause.  I skated with them (and a hernia) for about 2 months before my life took over and I didn't have a babysitter for Eyan because Jason's job had an insanely crazy schedule.

With my abrupt ending to Detour Derby I had a void left in my soul.  So imagine my excitement when the hubby's job decided to have a set schedule with him actually getting weekends off!  Prior to this Jason would only have a weekend off every 6-7 weeks and I could not make practices.  Now, I had the opportunity to go to practice on Sunday mornings and yesterday I TOOK IT!  OMG!  I was elated and felt such a freeing in my soul.  I got my ass handed to me at the end of practice by a bad-ass chick but boy was it so FUN!  When I got home I begged the hubby to watch Eyan every Sunday for a couple hours and I *think* he agreed!  So hopefully next Sunday I will again be enjoying me some Detour Derby!

Check out some of my highlight pics from my early days as "Toxic T" of the Denver Roller Dolls!

Landing a hit!

One of my fans!  That is me on the poster!

More fans!  The "T" says Toxic T inside it!

After party with the Mile High Club

Last bout with my team...and the CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY!

Possibly my favorite derby picture ever!

I almost look like I am skating fast...almost