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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TAT: Favorite Picture

This weeks topic for Toddle Along Tuesday is a favorite picture that you have taken of your child.  Well this one is it!  I took these to mark fall and Eyan's 18 month mark!  

Eyan was less than cooperative with this and I really wanted the changing leaves in the background so I finally just laid down and with a crappy ol' point and shoot took about 50 photos of him running around me and jumping on me.  I just love this picture!

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  1. Love the fall colors and the angle of this shot! P.S. You need to take Captcha off your comments! :)

    1. I thought I did :( Ahhh crap i will work on that

  2. A great shot - Before I read the description I could totally tell he was trying to chase after or romp with mommy or daddy!



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